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Monday, April 26, 2010

RA'S & TALIA AL GHUL_commission

Here's one of those commissions that if I didn't tell you who the characters were, then you wouldn't know who the hell I was trying to draw. Thankfully, Lenny (the nice fella' who commissioned the image) didn't hold that against me.

I mean, I started the commission off in the right state of mind. Then I start thinking about that one AMAZING, old school Batman: The Animated Series episode when Talia stuck Ra's in the Lazarus pit and when he came out, he was lookin' all crazy due to the immortality properties of the pool! Then an old, dried up witch lady came out of the pit too! YEAH! Then Batman had to run up the staircase fight everyone! And man I'd love to see that episode again. Then I started to doubt whether or not I've mashed two different episodes together coz I remember that there was another episode with Talia flying around in a bi-plane. I start to get anxious because I can't wait to get home so that I can bust out those DVDs out and I can watch them from Season 1, Episode 1 and how my friends are gonna catch hell if they've borrowed them and didn't return them to me by now and what the hell did I do with that copy of LAST STARFIGHTER... and...

Then I look down an hour or so later, and I realize I missed the point of the whole image.

So... thanks for looking past my inability to concentrate and allow me to tell you that this image is of Ra's and Talia. I'll draw another one for your, Lenny. And the next time that I do, I'll have them wearing name tags just to be sure. Until then, enjoy.


Tom said...


Lesley Vamos said...

don't be so hard on yourself! I think it looks fantastic ^_^

j_ay said...

Eric, it's great. Your interpretations are in part so enjoyable because they are YOUR interpretations. Pulling out the Marvel Universe Handbook (and whatever the DC equivalent would be) every time you need to draw a character would kill the spontaneity.
Go with it.

Michael Pfeffer said...

I love her nose. Also you can tell it's Ras. Or a dracula.

But even then, Ras looks like a dracula.

2ndson said...

Before I read the title, I thought Dr. Strange was hugging up on Gemma Arterton.

I enjoy your work!