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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

BAT GIRL_commission

Item #1 - Here's a commission Eric did at last year's Baltimore Comic Con. My favorite part is the "Killing Joke" tribute Joker in the background.

Item#2 - For those interested in his tongue-in-cheekiness, here's a quickie interview Eric did in order to promote Cage #1 being released this week. We'd appreciate your support so please purchase yourself a copy.

Item#3 - WIKIO, a blog tracking website, has informed Eric that his blog is in the top 30 comic book blogs being visited the internets. So for a month we're going to feature WIKIO's list on our sidebar (see sidebar at left) so you can check out the 29 other better blogs that you should visit instead of this one.

See? A blog post that has a short, sweet, and concise journal entry! And some of you guys thought that was impossible for me not to drone on. Shut your mouths! Heh.

Thanks for the visits and enjoy the image.

-Jon Tsuei


j_ay said...

Sweet drawing!

Fantastic to see Eric's work seen by more and more people; he deserves every damn bit of credit.

Brandon O'Donnell said...

Another great composition, nice work.

Harold L. George - Gsting® said...

You know all this time I am thinking that you were inspired by Aeon Flux until I read on and realized that YOU ARE the one who drew it. Wow. I am really impressed with your work. Is Egon Schiele part of your inspiration. Caught an exhibit and thought of Aeon Flux.

Paolo Boscolo said...

the story of the character...in her cloack.

you are a master.

damon said...

super cool

Lorenzo said...

Thank for Luke Cage 1 et really beautiful exhibition in Paris.
Great job man...

Julia Bax said...

Awesome work as usual. And it's so cool, I didn't know you had worked in Aeon Flux!
This time I would like to do a shameless plug here, if it bothers you it's ok to delete it - but I'm competing on Zuda this month http://zudacomics.com/node/1837
and I would appreciate yours (and Jon's of course) input! Thanks!!! Bisous!

Justin Sirois said...

I'm continually blown away by your clever and impossibly dynamic compositions.

Ketka said...

Woah! You are Rock! I'm impressive!