“Today, in our field, there is so much talent and recognition that we are reaching a saturation point. An artist should no longer strive only for breathtaking craftsmanship; he should, instead, try to help us live better, either by dressing the wounds that are constantly being opened by society, or by offering solutions to get us out of the mess we’re in…But it’s going to be difficult and we have a lot of work to do.” - Jean 'Moebius' Giraud

Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm home.

Well, I've *been* home for about a week now but this is just the first time I've managed to find the time to post.

I'm sure you've all heard or somehow seen images or even read reports about the San Diego show, so I won't go into any more detail. I mean, c'mon, seriously - can you really stand to read or see one more thing about a show that ended a week ago? So if you wanna see pictures, I'm not the one to go to because 1) I'm terrible at taking them and 2) I'm sure you can go to your social network site of choice and I'll guarantee you're find a plethora.

So instead, I'd like to take a moment to thank some of the people who helped me at the show, the kind persons who I've met and spoke to, and the general audience who swung by the table in order to show their support.

First, let me give the biggest and warmest thanks to JONBOY MEYERS for helping coordinate and facilitate my Artist Alley table. I know that was no small task considering he had to wrangle seller's permits and table applications from everyone in our row, but Jonboy's a trooper and he took that responsibility head-on. Jonboy - you're a saint and you made things very easy on me.

That brings me to the rest of the 'Rat Pack' that was in the Alley with me: MARK IRWIN, TIM TOWNSEND , JOEY MASON, DAN PANOSIAN, JEFF JOHNSON, ALEX GARNER, and ANTHONY WASHINGTON. Admittedly, I didn't get a chance to talk to all of these talented gentlemen, but I was sure proud to sit with them. I hope I can do it again someday.

Next is JASON SCHACHTER. I don't mean to make light nor make a pun out of this statement, but my time at the show, all five enjoyable days that could have been grueling like times past, was made easier and lighter because Jason did the majority (if not ALL) of the heavy lifting. I don't have the words to give him the full extent of gratitude that he deserves. He worked the table selling original art and sketchbooks, and when he wasn't doing that, he was working the muckity-mucks who dropped by, selling the hell out of my work to them. It would've been a bit of hell without Jason at the table, but anytime you can have a laugh with friends (along with my collaborator JONATHAN TSUEI) it sure makes things easier to bear.

I'd like to give my grateful and hearty thanks to the individuals who dropped by to say hello, the ones who purchased original art, or sketchbooks, or commissions - or all three, and to those who just had a kind word to say. I consider myself a little nobody, but with you guys coming by to chat it up with me, it sure felt like I was there with friends. I'd like to mention each and every one of you guys individually, but I think I would be here all day and I know there are comic book pages to finish in the other room. That said, will you all forgive me now and please accept this blanket statement of gratitude? I shall try to be more studious in thanking specific names in the future. Anyway, thank you SO much!

I met artists while I was there and I shall speak about them in great lengths in my next post because I think I've stretched this day long enough without putting pencil to paper - a fact that my editors probably wouldn't appreciate. But I my next few posts will be about those artist who I've met at the show. Uhm... that's probably a lie. Let's find out together, shall we? Hehe.

I'll speak with you all very soon. For now, here's a commission of Spiderman I did at the show.

Note: In case you didn't know it yet from SKOTTIE YOUNG'S post on his blog, I am doing Amazing Spiderman for an issue - Issue #611, I think. Please keep an eye out and order copies so Marvel will think it's a good idea that they hired me, yeah? Thanks in advance!

Oh, one more person - MR. RICO RENZI! This man is responsible for helping me coordinate, adjust, print, and ship the INT[e]RMISSION sketchbooks that was available at this year's show. Rico waved his magic printing wand and suddenly, two days later , sketchbooks ended up in my bedroom! A huge debt of gratitude goes out to you and your life-saving crew at INDIGO INK. If any of you out there are in the business of getting your property onto printed material, I strongly suggest that you give Rico and his cast of miracle workers a call first. They're professional, courteous and they are able to put a patina of slickness on your product unequaled by others out there right now.

Friday, July 17, 2009


[**EDIT: I will be in Artists' Alley, Table II-17**]

I should make a point to say that I will be at this year's annual geek/nerd cattle drive known as the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON.

If you've never been there before, well... I don't have the words to describe it. But let me be absolutely clear that it's the farthest thing from a comicbook show that you'll ever find - regardless of how it's advertised or its age-old moniker. It's like saying that Jabba is only a little fat, or that Anakin (in all of his incarnations) was just a little stupid. And the fact that they still insist on calling it 'Comic Con International: San Diego' is just slightly left of ridiculous.

But I digress.

I'm not going for there for the beast. I'm going for the beauty. And by 'beauty' I'm speaking of the people whose company I'm keeping while I'm in Artist's Alley: MR. TIM TOWNSEND, MR. JONBOY MEYERS, MR. MARK IRWIN, MR. ALEX GARNER, and MR. DAN PANOSIAN - I like to refer to these guys as the 'cool kids' in the school. They've all hung around each other in past shows, they've all got that 'Rat Pack' type of history, and I've always wondered what it felt like to get up on stage with Dean-O, Sammy and Frank. This year I get my chance. I hope I make for a pretty good Peter Lawford. Or maybe I'm Angie Dickenson? Yeah, okay - I can live with that. I just hope I don't embarrass them too much.

That said, at the suggestion of my good friend and art rep Jason Schachter, I'm going have a portfolio book called 'INT[e]RMISSION'. The book is 24 pages long, filled with select images from the first portfolio book called 'PREMIER[e]'. I know what some of you may be saying,
"Didn't you say that you'd never sell a sketchbook type thing unless you actually had a product worth making a sketchbook for? What happened to '...a supplemental disc with no movie'?"
Here's the thing - I guess not everyone can afford a $250.00USD 'sketchbook'. Who would've thunk it? So basically, this issuing is for those kind folks who'd like to show their support for my work, it's for the ones who'd really like to walk away from a show like SDCC with something from me (it baffles me, I swear), and it's for those who'd like to get a quickie sketch without breaking their weekend budgets.

But fear not, owners of PREMIER[e] - this new book is nowhere near as extensive nor as exhaustive a collection of my works as the copy you own. Like I said, INT[e]RMISSION is only 24 pages in length (full color and B&W images) and it's a mere sampling of the 4oo page monster that you dropped some serious coin on. And, as before, all the profits will go towards the LIGHTBOX project I'm involved with. If you've no idea what I'm refering to, please scroll down to the earlier post where I mentioned LIGHTBOX and what we're trying to do.

The book is $25.00USD and comes with a free sketch from me on the inside of the fancy pearl finish cover that you see above. Please drop by, support my dangerous comicbook production habit and let me have the distinct pleasure of shaking your hand in order to thank you personally for all the support that you've shown me and my work. And maybe... just maybe... we can do a little dance, make a little love...and, you know....get down tonight.

Have a great weekend everyone and for those attending the cattle drive, I'll see all of you very soon.

I will also be taking on commissions during the four day event as well as selling original 90 minute images at my table. If you'd like to get on my commissions list before the show opens, please contact Jason Schachter and he'll be more than happy to set up the terms with you.

And speaking of original art, I'll be hanging out with my friend MR. SEAN GORDON MURPHY - who (I hope) will bring all of his original pages to sell. If you've neer seen Sean's work, then you're in for a REAL treat. And if you've never thought about buying artwork from an artist before, you should genuinely make your first a Sean Murphy original. The guy is humble as hell (and unlinke me, he's not fake about it), and from my last recollection at NYCC, his originals go for a song. Sean... you fool. If you folks don't buy them - well, GOOD. I'll buy them for myself. I loves me some SGM art.

Again, thanks a bundle for all of your support and I hope you and I get a chance to talk.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I've not posted in almost a week because putting the finishing touches on a big project is restrictive and time consuming - but in a good way. Please be patient with me; I'll get back to regular broadcasting very soon.

So the deal is for those of you who bought a copy of PREMIER[e] at this year's HeroesCon: I owe you all a 'book plate' image of your choice. It was a way to help balance out the price per copy and Jason Schachter kindly reminded me that this was the case. Thank goodness for Jason and his steel trap of a mind.

That said, here's the first to be claimed. Beyond this one - and this is specifically for ONLY those that bought a copy of the book - there were four others, and if those individuals happen to be reading this blog right now, then please claim what's rightfully yours. Simply e-mail Jason and tell him your character of choice and I'll get to it sooner rather than later.

The book plate measures 9x9", black and white, on 3-ply bristol paper.

Okay, there's that. Sorry for the oversight everyone - I assure you it wasnt intentional. Hope you all had a fine couple of weeks. Have a great weekend all and I'll be back really, really soon. Until then, enjoy yourself some Black Panther.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

JANET & WANDA_90 minutes

Well, not really - more like 45 minutes, but why mess with tradition?

Anyhoo - ANIME EXPO rolled into Los Angeles this July 4th weekend and I'm feeling my age because I knew less than 1% of the characters walking around wearing costumes in the convention center lobby. I was almost hoping for the Naruto legions just so I can say I knew something about anime or manga, but I guess that series has run its course. It is to say that I am old and out of the loop and the only version of 'hip' that I know is the one that keeps going out on me when I go on those long-ish weekend runs. So I didn't know any of the characters.

But let me say this (with absolutely no hint of elitism and superiority in the tone and tenor in my voice):
Regardless of your fabulousity, your strong support of manga or anime, your fanatical ideals about cosplay and your closet fantasy of dress-up being fulfilled in an arena that applauds your craftsmanship and fervor...


...please excersise some classy discretion regarding your costume's weight limit, Anime Expo Cosplayers.

And let me be clear - I do love seeing people dress up! How cool is it to see FELICIA or MORRIGAN in a well made costume?! That's AWESOME! But I will say as much as I LOVE seeing people dress up as their favorite characters, I don't care to see a little bit TOO MUCH of the people dressing up as their favorite characters - if you catch my drift?

Okay, I think I'm going to get off of this high-horse how; the altitude is making my nose bleed.

Oh, and this image was inspired by two mind-blowing cosplay people I met while I was in Charlotte. Yikes!

P.S. - I didn't see MAN-FAYE at AX on Friday. I am sad. Also, isn't it scary and amazing all at the same time that Man-Faye has a Wikipedia entry?