“Today, in our field, there is so much talent and recognition that we are reaching a saturation point. An artist should no longer strive only for breathtaking craftsmanship; he should, instead, try to help us live better, either by dressing the wounds that are constantly being opened by society, or by offering solutions to get us out of the mess we’re in…But it’s going to be difficult and we have a lot of work to do.” - Jean 'Moebius' Giraud

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Did this costume change because the half-mask and open shoulders were considered antiquated?

I don't know about you, but I like this design! I like 'old school'. I like 'antiquated'. I like 'classic'. I think that's the reason why I'm still driving around in an old Ford Edsel. Heh. No. That's a lie. But the other stuff is true - old school and antiquated and classic.

Like I said a couple of posts ago, I'm weird.

Oh! BTW - I have a DEVIANTART account now. So for those of you who are more comfortable and/or familiar with that website, the stuff you see on Blogger will manage to be posted over there - sooner rather than later - and you can leave comments, and add them as favorites and whatever else your privileged accounts will afford you.

And speaking of posting comments on Deviantart, the part that trips me up is the whole decorum of correspondence that happens over at that site. For example, in the case of Blogger, there are those of you who are kind enough to leave comments about the semi-regular posts that I put up. But what's more, is that there are also those of you who ask me direct questions on the comments section. Questions such as, "What type of pens do you use?" or, "Where did you go to school?" or, "Will you drop by my blog and critique my work?" All of these question are fair and legitimate and worthwhile.

Except for this: I'm terrible at correspondence. Seriously. TERRIBLE.

Ask anyone who has ever e-mailed me, or left comments, or messaged me via wherever - it takes some days to for me to write back. I don't know why; laziness, deadlines, distractions - whatever. Point is, I don't write back as soon as I should. Everyone has their embarrassing list of short comings and for me 'writing return e-mails' is right is near the top. I'm NOT proud of it. I'm actually rather ashamed. I swear.

Back to Deviantart. From my exposure and general knowledge of its protocol in niceties, a member is expected to comment on the comment(s) that people leave for your gallery images. I think that's how it works, right? Or am I completely off on that? Anyway, I think that's how things are and again, I think that's a fair practice.

But if you read the part where I ashamedly admit I'm terrible at writing back ('BOO!', me) and couple that with a website where the SOP is *to write back* on comments that people leave you... well, that's just a recipe for failure, isn't it? Because I can tell you now, I'm not going to be anywhere near satisfactory when it comes to commenting on a comment of a comment on a comment, etc. I'm just nowhere near capable of doing that! Please try not to hold my annoying inadequacies against me too much, yeah?

So let me get this out of the way now and I say this with all humility: If you're going to leave a comment, or if you've already left a comment, please take this note as my early (or post-) admission of guilt and that I am aware of how much of a scum bag I really am. Let me assure you that my lack of a 'back and forth' doesn't stem from any arrogance and it's certainly not malicious in nature. I am sincerely apologetic for not having it in me to write back as quickly and as studiously as I should and I am genuinely grateful that all of you have welcomed me and my chicken scratches with a smile, a hand shake, and a pat on the back.

And so in hopes that I won't come off as a complete douche (only a partial one, mind you) I will leave the corralling and day-to-day managing of the Deviantart gallery to my friend and representative, JASON SCHACHTER. Of course I will personally post new images, say 'Hello!', promote and announce new works and projects (because I'm a press whore) and I will critique Jason on his spelling and grammar. Hehe! As usual should you have any questions about commissioning me or buying any of the featured artwork at either BLOGGER or DEVIANTART, please contact Jason directly.

That said, I'd like give my thanks to all the people whose gentle and persuasive nudging finally made me port over some work over to DA (SAM LIU, you should use that silver tongue of yours for good - not evil), to those of you who religiously visit to check out my work either here and at DA, and for all the positive and encouraging comments. I'd also like to give my biggest thanks and utmost respect to those DA members (fans and professionals alike) who have posted links to my new gallery in their journal entries. It's an unbelievable and surreal experience to have such kind, talented and generous people speak of my work in such high regard and to promote me as selflessly and favorably as they have been. I am a very, VERY lucky bastard and all of you are proof-positive that good worth-of-mouth gets your images circulated faster than any advertising dollars can possibly buy.

Thank you all *SO* much. I am humbled.


maxime said...

don't you worry about answering or replying.
like we say in french "un bon dessin vaut mieux qu'unlong discours" which approximately translates to "a good drawing is worth a long speech".
and as far as good drawings go, you totally deliver.
and i for one, am thankfull for it.

Michael Pfeffer said...

It's probably because he fought a Nazi Dracula during the war and decided to protect his neck. Just like the rap song.

Also, I e-mailed you once and you actually e-responded in a cordial way.

Tons of other cool "with-it" artists on their blogs barely respond at all or give a jerk ass attitude.

Maybe they are busy? Maybe they are just jerk asses? *shrug*

Pablo said...

I usually watch your blog, but I never leave a message its Great!!!

Tom said...

I'll be checking the blog and watching you on DA. It's great to see you having a place on that site.


there is established history of responding
but it is not a RULE on DA

no big deal
see you there.