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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MR. & M(R)S., ETC._update

I'm home and I'm sick. Of course. It's the flu. Argh.

The CONVENTION was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came out and made me feel at home, and for all those who said a kind word in passing - I genuinely appreciated it. This show, above all others that I've attended this year, has reinvigorated me again in regards to going to a good comic book convention.

So right off the top I'd like to thank MR. SHELTON DRUM and MR. DUSTIN HARBIN for coordinating the show as well as for inviting and letting me participate. I am grateful beyond words and I hope my piece for the art auction helped you guys somewhat. I owe you guys (and I mean *everyone* responsible for the show - top to bottom) in a big, BIG way.

Thanks to MR. JASON SCHACHTER and to MR. STEPHANE ROUX for being such cool peoples. Jason cracked the whip while Stephane raised the bar. You guys should've seen what he was drawing over the weekend with the quality he incorporated into each and every image. Also, you should check out what Stephane did for the auction. I was really sick to my stomach by then (out of pure envy, mind you - I didn't get sick/sick until I got home in LA), but even more so when I saw what he produced. And for those of you still interested in buying my SNOW WHITE or RED RIDING HOOD prints, please contact Jason directly.

And speaking of commissions, I had the honor of sitting next to MR. ADAM HUGHES. He was just killing each and every piece he was working on that weekend. I was humbled and inspired all at once. With Adam sat the lovely MS. ALLISON SOHN, who was as charming as she was funny during the art auction on Saturday.

Across the way and within a stone's throw, was MR. BRIAN STELFREEZE, MR. CULLY HAMNER (who I did not have an opportunity to talk to as much as I would've liked), MR. KARL STORY and MR. PHIL NOTO - speaking about raising the bar, these gentlemen have been doing it for years and I was proud to get a chance to get to know them a little bit more.

Thanks to MR. MARK BROOKS for posing *the* question of the weekend. It was hilarious and really made one ponder what the human body is capable of when pitted against their views of sexual allegiance. Thanks for the gfaws, Mark.

MR. SCOTT ADSIT dropped by the table throughout the entire weekend and we shared laughs. He made me feel like I was the top contributor to his "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" themed sketchbook. I know better, though; I saw what Adam Hughes did! And if any of you out there would consider yourself up to snuff as an illustrator, the next time you see Scott, ask him to show you his 'A' collection of the LOEG books. And when you do, bring your A Game and contribute a piece of art, won't you? You'll be in some esteemed company. Thanks for letting me participate, Scott. Much obliged.

And I met all sorts of people, old and new. Here's the short order of the cool cats and kittens (but please forgive me if I've forgotten to list your name - I mean it as no disrespect, I swear): MS. CAT STAGGS, MR. KERON GRANT, MR. DEXTER VINES, MR. SANFORD GREENE, MR. DAVID PETERSEN, MR. ANDY KUHN, MR. C.B. CEBULSKI, MR. CASEY JONES, MR. TOM FEISTER, MR. RICO RENZI, MR. IVAN BRANDON, MR. PAUL AZACETA, MR. MATT WILSON, MR. FORD GILMORE... uhm... MR. DUSTIN NGUYEN and MR. DEREK FRIDOLFS, MR. SWAIN HUNT and MR. DWIGHT CLARK, MR. CLAYTON HENRY...

I know I'm forgetting people, but I'm going to cut this short. I'm sick and my brain isn't functioning properly. I'm sorry if I missed your names. Again, it isn't intentional.

I did commissions at the show and the above image of Zatanna is one of them. The second image is my little contribution to the annual art auction held on Saturday night at the adjacent hotel near the convention center. I don't know if you can tell the scale of the auction piece based on the picture, but that bad boy was a larger scale than what I'd normally work in. Both were rendered in COPIC markers. Fun stuff to draw. When I have more samples of the other images I drew and I'll post them here ASAP.

Fun weekend with friends and lots of laughs. I'd dare say it's the best show going on these days and I can't wait to go back again next year.

Oh yeah, I got to meet and shook the hand of the one and only, MR. MICHAEL JORDAN at the hotel bar. Yes. *That* Michael Jordan. Like I said, Heroes Con: best show around.


jason s said...

sorry to hear your sick. had a great time this weekend, thanks for good times! :)

Jhomar Soriano said...

Zatanna.. *drools*

Quini said...

soberbios los dibujos

Tom said...

I went to Heroes Con once back in 2006, it was fantastic. Sounds like this show was great too, good to hear you had a good time. The artwork in this post is sick!!

Lan Pitts said...

Very cool Zatanna and Batman piece, sir. Wow, you sat next to Adam and Allison and then right across from the Gaijin crew? nice!

andy kuhn said...


thanks for the shout out.
it was great to see you again.
Heroes-Con was awesome!
let's do it all again in a month! :)

Marc Deering said...

Great meeting you man. You were killing it on the commissions. Great, great stuff.

Cully Hamner said...

Eric, I consider myself a total asshole for not coming over to talking to you more. It won't happen again...!

SWAiN said...

Always a pleasure to be in your presence, E.