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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KIT, CROM, CAT_commission

Another few images done as commissions at Heroes Con.

You know my problem when doing these at the shows? I don't have a 'sketch' version of my work. There's no middle-gear where I can just do someone standing or sitting on a rock. I envy all the artists at the convention who could do the minimum (well, maybe not 'minimum' - that's not the right word, but I can't think of a better term at the moment; help me out, people) and still make it look amazing.

Me? I gotta over-compensate by doing fancy-schmancy composition BS. That's why I could only take on... I can't recall... ten images total over the three days? I'm lame and should be put out of my convention sketch misery. Ugh.

A perfect example how it should be done is what my friend Stephane Roux did this weekend. Jeezus - the guy was a beast! My admiration for him and his work is tremendous. He's fast, specific, and chock full of quality. His 'sketch' list was overflowing from day one, hour/minute one - since the opening of the convention floor. And trust me on this: They were definitely NOT just sketches. I specifically remember a Big Barda image he did for a fan and I secretly thought, "France, you bastard. You grew this 6'+ tall man and you made him an infinitely better illustrator than me. Damn you. Damn you and your croissants."

I'll have my revenge, France. Revenge. Hehe.

Anyway, here's Kit Fisto slashin' some droids, Conan fightin' snakes that don't make sense but help in the overall composition and Black Cat who's being voyeur-ed on by the pervert Spiderman.

Aargh! 'Voyeur'? 'VOYEUR'?! Why can't I get away from you, France?!

Apologies for the semi-blurry images. Instead of scanner, I had to get copies via digital camera. AAARRGH! 'Via'! 'VIA'?! There is it is again! Damn you Fra - oh wait. 'Via' is Latin. Okay, I'm wrong on that one. Padonnez-moi...



naomiful said...

tapeworm snakes!!

I can also appreciate that line indicating Spiderman's cheek

Glad you had fun

Craig Zablo said...

It was cool getting to say "Hi" and watching you color a bit on your auction piece. Thanks for coming to Heroes.

AnthonyF said...

Your con auction piece was AWESOME! Sorry to hear about your struggle with con 'sketching'. Maybe Jay should whip out the scrabble timer and tell you when times up - you'll show that crazy french-man!

Odd Voodoo said...

Wow, fantastic set! I dig them all, but really like seeing Kit Fisto!


Chris Sims said...

Amazing work as usual Eric! I definitely need to get a commission from you one of these days.

Are you still working on Obelisk? (not sure if I spelled that correctly)

abhishek singh said...

ur compositions tell so much story , the spidy one is a super cool angle , love these:)
big fan


His art is very dynamic and inspiring! Surpresa good to come to your blog, seeing as I felt his work with twenty years old again and full of desire to pick up the pencil and dare! Later!