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Monday, June 08, 2009

DEAD RUN_covers

These are the four alternate covers that I did for BOOM! STUDIOS' book called DEAD RUN.

The interior artist is called FRANCESCO BIAGINI, a brilliant illustrator who is 100x more capable than I am and I think I've done him a huge injustice. Click on the link above or the link to his blog to see what I mean. Also, I've seen the colors for my covers and once again I am salvaged by the color artist. I wish I could give credit to the talented individual involved in saving my inadequate ass, but I never got wind of the fellow's name. I'm sure BOOM! will do a fine job crediting him, though. Hooray, BOOM!.

Also, some of you astute individuals might notice the fourth cover's file name has 'ver02' in it. It's because keen-eyed editor MATT GAGNON (the man who had the daunting task of corralling these covers from me) caught the fact that I have no idea how to spell 'San Francisco'. I'm serious. I can't spell San Francisco - I spelled that fist 'C' with a 'S'. Apologies to my neighbors to the north. But in my defense I can't spell Los Angeles. Why is it spelled correctly now, you ask? Spell checker, suckah.

Thanks to the BOOM! and Matt for letting me draw the covers and for letting me play around. Thanks to my phantom colorist and thanks to the city of Los FranCisco.

Suck it, spell checker.


Tom said...

These are badass!

Josholland said...

Of all the awesome stuff in your recent blast of new goodies, this post was my favorite. Great stuff.

Clopsybot said...

The camera angle on the first one was a ballsy move and you nailed it completely! Great job man. Nice to have you back.

Matthew Wilson said...

I love the cover for issue 4, really nice stuff as always Eric.

Mr Ö said...

The one in the cage is paying a great homage to Wrightson's Frankenstein.
Beautiful clin d'œil.


Mr Ö