“Today, in our field, there is so much talent and recognition that we are reaching a saturation point. An artist should no longer strive only for breathtaking craftsmanship; he should, instead, try to help us live better, either by dressing the wounds that are constantly being opened by society, or by offering solutions to get us out of the mess we’re in…But it’s going to be difficult and we have a lot of work to do.” - Jean 'Moebius' Giraud

Sunday, March 15, 2009

DRINK & DRAW_sketch

This past Thursday night I went to a regular sketch club put together by MSSRS. JEFF JOHNSON, DAN PANOSIAN, and DAVE JOHNSON.

They were kind enough to invite me and I was more than excited to go. And the event is literally how I've described it in the subject line: We drank and we drew. No alcohol for me though - just the drawing part. I wanted to take decompress from End League-ing it and I just didn't want to think about the drawings - just let the brush pen do the work. I guess that's my excuse for these. I think a little bit of my Schiele is showing. Ah, well - it was a hoot to do. The turn out was pretty decent and we packed the area they had set aside for us. They even added another table just accommodate all the guests who showed up! Pretty cool, I thought.

Oh! While everyone brought scrap pieces of paper, or personal sketchbooks, or cardboard coaster things to draw on, Dave brought a skateboard deck! It's to be sold at auction in order to help with a school's slowly dying art program and when Dave asked us to contribute it was a real honor. Here's a photo of the result. Dave is planning on painting the whole thing and thank goodness because my contribution needs his magic. I was in vaulted and esteemed company. I didn't get a chance to talk to ANDREW ROBINSON at NYCC, so it was nice to joke around with him that night. And I just met PAUL HARMON and I immediately knew I was gonna be dead weight when it was my time to draw on the deck. If you can see it in the photo, I made sure I was going to get covered by the trucks of the skateboard once they were installed. It's all part of my master plan to not be the weak link in this line up. Anyway... enjoy!

From L to R: DAN "Urban Barbarian"PANOSIAN / ERIC "I'm Way Out Of My (End) League" CANETE / ANDREW "Yes, *THAT* Andrew Robinson" ROBINSON / DAVE "Devil Pig" JOHNSON / JEFF "The Only Johnson that Matters" JOHNSON / PAUL "We Just Met Eric - No Nicknames Please" HARMON.


Jörn said...

Fantastic work. The poses and expressions remind me to Egon Schiele. Very inspiring.

Cliff Robinson said...

Love the sketches, Eric. Really top-notch dynamic figure drawing. Like you say, they do have a certain 'Shiele-esque' quality about them, which is no bad thing of course. Careful though, you could have someones eye out with those iliac crests. Brilliant work. How long do you think each sketch took?

Tom said...

Great sketches, Eric. I love the stylized, expressive anatomy. I didn't think of Schiele until you mentioned him in your text, then I saw it a bit. Not a bad influence to have!

That deck looks sick, can't wait to see Dave's colors some day.

Thanks for sharing!

jojo said...

one word......superbalicious!!!

andy kuhn said...

that's some great decompression goin' on there.
i hope you repost the finished board after
the reverend colors it! :)

Kristina Bustamante said...

Awesome figure drawings!

Urban Barbarian said...

I'm glad you made it out! We were certainly graced by your presence and remember, you're always more than welcome!

damon said...

i like