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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tribal tattoos are not cool.

Even when they were 'in' and people thought they were cool and they had them put all over their bodies like they were on sale at Costco - yeah, they weren't cool *then* either.

Well, maybe it's better to say that they're not cool to draw. Okay. Yes, that's a bit more politically correct, isn't it? So that's what I'll say so as to not offend the tribal tattoo... um... people. But I still believe in that first sentence. Hehe.

Sorry, tribal tattoo people.


marco's blog said...

another fantastic piece. it's amazing to see how easily your work goes from subtle storytelling (like below) to in your face-jack kirby action...really great

Brian said...

My issue with tatoos is that taste and trends are fleeting, while tatoos are, more or less, permanent, and as the years go by, the "canvas" has a tendency to "un-stretch" itself.

(N.B. I know that tatoo removal is possible, but it is very expensive and not always 100% effective).

KevinHarden said...

2 funny.
i agree w/ the statement.

yet, it is funny that many "illustrators" outside of tattooing that are amazing artists end up getting real simple/basic tribal tattoos.

Simon Bisley, is one example....

RAWLS said...

Beautiful sketch bro. Nice design.

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

By tribal Tattoo's are you refering to Tribal as a whole or just the stylized(lack of better word) black weved vine type.
I dislike the sharp weaved style, but I think Samoan and Mayan tribal tattoo's are ok.
Just curious :)

Excellent Pic Eric, the character in the mid ground cool really cool. I dig the hair :)

Brian Lue Sang said...

Apology accepted, Eric.

Awesome pic!


The Black Samurai said...

This one is dynamic dopeness! All I'm gonna' say.

Quini said...

desde hace mucho tiempo, tus dibujos me han impresionado sobremanera, unos dibujos q no se q tienen realmente, pero no me dejan indiferente, realmente sorprendente,

Chrispy said...

So dope man, i love the foreshortening on that leg, YIKES...oh and tribal art on tentacles are a completely different story than just regular old tentacles, lol.

flaviano said...

wow,awesome piece!
love how you play with, shadows, reflex and perspective!


I don't mind tribal tattoos... on tribal people. Not wannabes from the suburbs- if you get my meaning.
Same goes for dreads and mohawks.

nice piece here.