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Saturday, January 17, 2009


This entry is guaranteed to be lengthy so read along if you want to know what the pictures posted above are all about. If not, well... none of them are going to make much sense to you and you'll just have to wait for the next pretty picture post.

First off: Thanks to all of you who have commented on the past few entries. I know they're not guys with the undies on the outside of their pants, but I figure you get enough of that stuff on Wednesdays and from other fan art blogs, that one more (or less) from me isn't really going to help. Besides, the stuff I'm drawing now does so much more for me than what I was doing before. I'm sure I'll get back to the routine of drawing the capes, but for now - thank you, THANK YOU for the words of encouragement, the kind comments and for reading along. And thanks to Jon for being studious enough to post them while I'm holed away working.

Okay, here we go:


Some have you asked what this LIGHTBOX thing is that Jon has been hinting at in the past couple of posts. And after reading some of the comments, I'm betting that my friends and I would make a better future for ourselves if we actually *did* make lightboxes instead of staying in the entertainment/print racket. But instead we'll choose something I've likened to self-flagellation, and we're going to keep drawing and writing for ourselves (and for you) instead.

LIGHTBOX is a small collective comprised of designers and illustrators, concept, storyboard and graphic artists, writers and a small production staff - a collective which I contribute to. Now when I say "small" I really do mean it - there's six of us and our production staff is the people who we hire for a week at a time in order to help us get our projects out the door. At this early stage, we're developing our own IP's but we've managed to get going on some design and production work for a small video game company. I guess that's as good a start as any.

And speaking of starts, that's where the images above come into play. The production book you see is one that contains my work. It's something we sent out to potential clients in order to solicit interest in our new endeavor and quite possibly garner some freelance work. The other members of LIGHTBOX all have (or will have) their version of this type of promotional material, but for now, I got to go first.

The package itself is comprised of two books:

BOOK 01 is all the 90 minute images - past and present. The pages are black and white and it spans the three year's (or so) worth of posts that I've managed to put up on this blog. Some of the images are even accompanied by the commentary that I've left here before. It has the step-by-step tutorials as well as some of the process work I did for my previous comic book jobs. One sample page lay out is viewable above.

BOOK 02 is all the development work I've done for the different companies that I've worked for, some of the sketch work you've seen here thus far, select promotional photographs of LIGHTBOX members and our brief history, and a ton of color work that either has or has not made it here on DISCARD.

The package also contains two DVDs:

is called "90 minutes: Gladiator" and it's video of me (slightly sped up as to not elicit sleepiness from the audience) doing a 90 minute drawing with commentary from me and the LIGHTBOX team discussing process, approach and how *THEY* would do it so much better than me. BTW, I'm telling you now, I only *wish* we did one 90 minute take when I was drawing the image. Fate was working against us the night we filmed it, as the cameras were being difficult as hell - over heating, running out of power or just outright shutting down. Oh, well - it was our first time making a porno. We'll do it better the second time around. Also - the other guys really *CAN* do the drawing better than me. I'm telling you now, I am the weak link in out little company.

DISC 02 is called "What Inspires You?" and it's what the entertainment industry calls a 'sizzle reel'. It's basically a 5 minute commercial about my work and contains a show with cool, cutty, images set to music along with snippets of my illustrations. Book 1 and Book 2 have one DVD each.

I don't know if we left anything out, but if we did, it sure doesn't feel like it. The damn thing weighs a ton. The covers are made of PVC with an OIL BLACK finish (it gets dusty and smudgy SO FAST I'm surprised we took a photo of it as well as we did), it measures 12x12", and I think it can stop a bullet or be used as a blunt assault weapon. The two books are permanently mounted and are non-removable from the inside front and back cover. On the front cover is the machine-etched title of the book: "PREMIER[E]".

Of the 100 we made we have 35 left and we are not planning on making any more.

At first, I had no plans on making the book available to the public, but I would be remiss in my responsibilities (to LIGHTBOX) if I didn't make it available to those exclusive few who are genuinely interested in purchasing it. It should not go without saying that this beast is just *this* side of ridiculously expensive. But if you *ARE* truly in the business of purchasing one, please message either me or Jon (preferably Jon) and we will discuss with you in further detail the technicalities of owning one - the least of which is its hefty price tag.

Let me say that if you really *MUST* have one, then I am honored and grateful by your support for our new endeavor, I am amazed by your appetite for copies of my work regardless of its incarnation, and I'd like to welcome you as one the select individuals who will soon have it in your collection.


Anyway, that's the story behind LIGHTBOX, what we have in mind, and what we've been up to. There will be more announcements once the books and whatnot are closer to release. As it stands, we're taking a small hiatus from doing conventions this year and just focusing on finishing the projects at hand as well as the growing pains of any new business. The few shows we *do* attend will strictly be as fans and not as exhibitors. As a matter of fact, I will be attending this year's show in New York (in February), but just as a spectator with the occasional rests at my friends' booths. Thank you, DUSTIN NGUYEN and SEAN GORDON MURPHY for giving me a place to sit and rest my old legs.

And when it comes to thanks, I am as I ALWAYS will be thankful to all of you for reading, for your constant visits and generous compliments. I am truly lucky to have you folks looking at my work.



Looks pretty sharp Eric - Best of luck to you and your compatriots!

killacaravagio said...

It looks pretty sexy man good luck i am sure it will grab some attention.

Michael W. Kellar said...

Sounds pretty cool, I will be checking it out I was sent here by Dustin Nguyen who posted a link in his deviantART journal about it.

Good Luck to you and your partners with this project.

Brian Lue Sang said...

I think this is a wonderful way to get the Lightbox name out there. The 'book' looks incredible too!

I wish you guys the best and I'm sure you'll be flying high on this soon enough.

Craig Zablo said...

Sounds like a winner of a project for all involved. Best of Luck!

Diantres said...

is great to see drawings of other things and not guys with the undies on the outside of their pants always.
great posts man,
and cool book.

Skotti said...


Eirc... you know I'm going to pester you for one, right?

Nuno Plati said...

Hi Eric, Jon. I sent Eric an e mail about my interest in purchasing one of the Premiere folio. I don´t have Jon´s contact, so here´s my e mail nunoplati@gmail.com, so you guys can give me some info on the details.

weshoyot said...

man, if ninjas had art weapons of death, this would be it. this looks so fricken cool, im geeking out, not only as a fan of your work, but also one that takes those lil pamphlets from various stores because different paper qualities, textures and packaging get's me as excited as variant sketch covers. man! so cool!!

Irma Ahmed / Aimo said...

It's looking good, and the thought of having the 90 Mins Art collected in one volume is exciting indeed.

Will definitely follow the progress/update of this project with much interest :D

Shaun said...

i must have one of these. i have emailed eric because that was the only contact info i had. however if jon wants to get back to me i can be reached at shaunxoneil@gmail.com. please feel free to contact me regarding purchasing a copy of premier(e)

thanks fellas. keep up the good work

Tom said...

This sounds like an excellent project and the Premiere package is over the top! Good luck with it all, Eric and company.

And the non-superhero drawings are amazing, I hope you'll share many more with us!

Monyo said...

Maybe is a silly question, but the book is avaliable in the web?
I`m in Argentina, and I want to buy it!

Thanks, and keep the amazing art comming!!

j_ay said...

Congrats on getting this project up and running. Looks amazing.
Hopefully all the hard work will pay off.

Heading over to contact Jon right now...

RAWLS said...

Wow! Looks, and sounds really great E! Great job my friend. Congrats to you and the crew, and I know you guys will do great work!!!

naomiful said...

this is....

too sexy looking

Nice work

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Awesome Eric! Its new news to me so congrats to you and the lightbox crew for starting up, and landing what sounds like some pretty interesting gigs.
I look forward to the new work. Also Ive found it to be quite fresh to see you posting allot of non-superhero work. They look beautiful, and some seem pretty heart felt. Me and my girl still love the "P" is for Phunny picture...haha and im not gonna say why, haha

All the best Eric

AlexTuis said...

Hello Eric,

I rarely post even if I am every days on your blog.
This promotional package and your team project certainly deserve to receive an high rize from editor and video game societies.

I wish I could have money to have a look at the object it must be very interesting and a unique way to discover you.
Wish you the best for everything!

From your latest work, I keep in mind all the Akira stuff, the Wolverine and also all these faeries, warrior and beautiful women in everyday life..with a very frenchy/Mad Men style.

Andy Park said...

Awesome news Eric! I emailed you but haven't heard back from you yet. No prob, just wanna check in to make sure you got it. Congrats!

The Big Red One said...

That's a pretty amazing calling card, my friend. You are doing a great job promoting yourself.