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Friday, July 18, 2008

SDCC '08

Hey everyone, Jon Tsuei here, filling in for Eric and giving everyone an update on what's going on, what's coming up and San Diego Comic Con.

So what's going on you ask? Well, Eric finished up his work with Ben 10: Alien Force which means more comics drawn by him for all of us to enjoy. Actually, it's about the same amount of comics since that crazy man can hold down two full time jobs. You all know about The End League and Eric's first issue of the book should be out next month or so. Keep an eye out for it.

Another project Eric did that's a bit under the radar (his involvement with the project anyway) is Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Darkhorse Comics released a short comic related to the property through Myspace and Eric did the art for that. You can find that link here. Just look for the story entitled Captain Hammer: Be Like Me!

There's also a little book entitled Comic Book Tattoo that Eric and I have a piece in. The book is a collection of stories inspired by Tori Amos' music. You can count this as the first published work of the Tsuei/Canete team. Yeah, pretty awesome. There's going to be a big to do about the book during Comic Con this year, including an appearance by Ms. Amos herself. Eric and will be signing at the Image booth (Booth #2729) three out of the four days of the show.




Please come by, pick up a copy of the book and say hello. I'd hate to sit there and look like a complete jackass while there's a line for Eric and I twiddle my thumbs.

When not at the Image Comics booth, Eric will be seated with the nice folks over at 12 Gauge Comics (Booth #2547-2549). Eric will have original art for sale and will be taking a limited number of commissions. Of course anything you'd liked signed (maybe Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin trade paperback?) bring it on by.

Well, there you have it. Book release schedules, booth numbers and the ramblings of a crazy Chinese guy. No reason not to see you at Comic Con, unless you have an adverse reaction to crazy Chinese guys and bald artists.


weshoyot said...

see you at the con eric and eric's buddy! i have something cool for mr. canete.

Skotti said...

I wanna goooo!! Hope you guys have fun. ^_^

RAWLS said...

Yo Eric! Great job my friend! Captain Hammer looks spectacular!!!

Kevin Barber said...

Wow Eric is a machine. A high quality machine. I am also a big Tori Amos fan so i am excited about that project and can't wait to see what it's about.I will have to stop by one of the signings .Best of luck.

weshoyot said...

OMG i just had to post again. i just read your DH presents story...and let me tell you, if i wasn't lactose intolerant, and had a big glass of milk i was sipping on to calm my frayed nerves....that cow-juice would have gone right out my nose all over my monitor. FUNNY FUNNY STUFF!!!

John Bivens said...

Well, damn-it... been checking on your blog sporadically and somehow I missed this. We were signing at the same booth for the same thing (different times of course) and I missed a chance to say hi to you and tell you how much I enjoy your work, in person. It's nice to know, after having admired your work for some time, that I got to be in an anthology with you and a ton of other great people.

oh well, later
John Bivens