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Thursday, June 26, 2008

NATCHIOS_90 minutes

No...not 'NACHOS'. I'm talking about The Hand-resurrected assassin.

Speaking of nachos, the oral surgeon gave me a piece of paper saying that for the next couple of days, I should avoid hard edged foods like nachos and chips in order to not open up or aggravate the stitched up wound where my rotted out wisdom too used to be.

Yeah, I went and got the tooth pulled today. Well, that's not quite accurate (*WARNING: If you're easily...um... 'queased', I'm gonna get a bit detailed - navigate away now). Because the tooth had been so corrupted by the cavity, the surgeon couldn't get quite get a full handle using his super dentists tools (BTW, in the years that modern dentistry has been around, they have yet to step away from full metal tools that feel like they're grafting robotic parts into your mouth...I'm just saying, don't we have carbon fiber/ nanotechnological thingamajiggers that we can substitute instead? Haven't we come that far? I'm not saying anything bad about my dentist nor my oral surgeon - they were both AWESOME! Anyway...), so he had to break up the tooth into small little pieces and pick them out of my mouth one little chunk at a time. Let me say this again - he BROKE the tooth into little chunks using what I can only describe as giant pliers. He dug in there, took a good grip with the metal jaws, crunched away. Yeah, it actually CRUNCHED. Then he made with the drill and grinding tool. Whirring and crunching, whirring and crunching. If it wasn't for the fact that I was completely anesthetized, I would've been even more grossed out. So it was a morning and afternoon of pointed tools, and digging, and suction, and tooth debris. Then I drove home and got some frozen yogurt. It's been quite a day.

In all honesty, the whole thing went off pretty hitch-less. The disappointing aspect is the fact that the tooth didn't come out like they do in the cartoons; all whole with the root prongs sticking out. My morbid, curious mind sort of wanted to see that. But the point is, the tooth out. Stupid, useless wisdom tooth.

BTW, I'm all doped up on Vicodin. These next few End League pages are gonna be amazing.


Sakiroo said...

nice style`!

RAWLS said...

Nice to hear that you had a fun time at the dentist! My favorite part was the 'whirring and crunching'. Great sketch my friend! Go easy on the Vicodin!

HartCactus said...

great to hear you got yer tooth extracted. no get some sleep!!! these next end league pages better not suck! ;^)



Pop-Monkey said...

Eric, surely this occasion deserved a kick-ass "Cavity Creeps" piece, no? Wait... have you done a Cavity Creeps piece before? Somethin' tells me you have. Oh well.
Thanks for the stomach-turning story. Hope your mouth heals up nicely!

RLS said...

I've had that procedure done to me before and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have that done to me again in the near future. I'm just saying I understand what you went through and I'm amazed that you were able to crank this out!
Nice to see you gave her the kinky greek hair.

Skotti said...

Oh.. dear god... Eric, I love this soooooooo much.

Do you mind if I color it?

Francis Vallejo said...

haven't left a comment for a while although i always enjoy checking out the updates, great work!!

Eric Orchard said...

Ouch....Amazing pictures! I respond to them a lot like the best of Frazetta's ink pictures. Just amazing.



vicodin rulz :)

yeah man i know what you mean i recently got a spider bite (with no radioactivity or superpowers) so they gave me meds and i just got even weirder

that little sonava...

if you go to dan panosian's blog there's a post with me like that

see ya at sdcc?

Josh said...

Great piece, Eric!

I'm elegiac or I get a bad reaction to vicodin, so when I had my wisdom teeth taken out (all four at once, mind you) I got to take ibuprofen. It wasn't so bad, but I would have liked something with a little more kick.

The way I remember it was the surgeon had his feet propped up on my shoulders while he tried yanking my teeth out. I kept wondering if he was trying to take my head or mandible off. I think that would be a interesting drawing, though. It may have happened slightly different, but aren’t all dentist stories a bit exaggerated. It's the rule!

Glad all is well again and you’re back to posting your great and inspirational art.

EL GRANDE said...

That is f*&king disturbing. I'm sorry to hear about the tooth. Glad it's no longer a problem though. Sick image! Can't wait for End League.


PANDA said...

ooh, Panda likes it sooo much!! doctor Canete.

arnie said...

well i hope the sketch wasn't a tooth puller har, har. nt funny since i'm facing a puller my self.

that sketch is fantastic. i'de love to se it in SDCC if you show up. keep strivin' and survivin'

peace out

aris said...

I can't wait for End League. And this pic is gorgeous just like the rest.

Scary stuff going in the dentist's chair. I don't envy you. But hope your mouth is better.

axel#13 said...

Eric, why must you tell us stories like theses...then thinking about I'm soooo glad it wasn't me sitting on that dentist chair. :)
Awesome drawing btw!

EL GRANDE said...

Can’t wait to see more.

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Shit! This is exactly what Im gonna have to go though for my rotted tooth. I totally thought about the whole sky thing with it as well. Instead it just hold food...uh sorry for that.

Anyways Great art as always, and thank for the head up in what to expect.


ya know what would be hot?

natchios in melted cheese... and salsa


Fabio... said...

Eric yours sketch are amazing!

Red Fox said...

cool elektra!
She is my favorite assasin!
Well done!