“Today, in our field, there is so much talent and recognition that we are reaching a saturation point. An artist should no longer strive only for breathtaking craftsmanship; he should, instead, try to help us live better, either by dressing the wounds that are constantly being opened by society, or by offering solutions to get us out of the mess we’re in…But it’s going to be difficult and we have a lot of work to do.” - Jean 'Moebius' Giraud

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

X-BLOCK_90 minutes

So I got this e-mail a week or so ago. It put a smile on my face when I read it the first time (and an even bigger smile each consecutive time I've re-read it) and I thought I'd share it with you kind people. Oh, and please remember, he's an artist too...and thusly adds legitimacy to his critique. Remember that. And if you *don't * remember it, don't worry. He'll be sure to remind you (us) every so often. I've left the e-mail address off for obvious reasons, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. It's rather lengthy, but it's because the fella is passionate about the point he's trying to make. And no one can blame him for that.

At least he calls me 'Sir'. Respect.

And this image is inspired by the memory of an old school John Romita Jr. cover where the X-Men were posing looking like bad asses. My version looks less like that and more like they're coming to take your money. Enjoy!


-----Original Message-----
From: [xxxxxxxx] <[xxxxxx]@yahoo.com>
To: Eric Canete <[xxxxxx]@aol.com>
Sent: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 11:34 am
Subject: A critique about your art and Iron Man.

Dear Sir,

Before I get to the point of this letter, I'd like to give a little background about myself so you know where I'm not coming from nowhere when I criticize your work.

I'm an artist of 10 years studying in anatomy and the human figure. I've also got a strong background and graphic storytelling and I know my way around several 3D modeling programs. So basically, I know what I'm talking about when I talk about art and I definitely know what it's like to with harsh criticism.

But more importantly I'm a fan of comicbooks, especially Marvel Comics and specifically "Iron Man".

And it's because of that I feel entitled to question the powers-that-be who gave you the shot of drawing such a classic character when you're obviously artistically unqualified to draw the Golden Avenger. There are so many things about your work that aren't professional that I'm left to wonder how many people passed on this project before your name came up on their list. I'm sad to say that they made a poor choice. And here are only some of the reasons why:

First, your anatomy is beyond terrible. Again, trust me when I say I know what I'm talking about when it comes to this topic. I'm an artist myself and when I look at you figures I literally cringe. Not only do you blatantly break all anatomical rules, but you do it so terribly that I believe you didn't even know that rules in the first place! I mean, panel to panel your figures fall apart even under the mildest of scrutiny. Your shoulders don't work, your biceps are not realistic, your legs and feet are poorly drawn. I understand artistic and stylistic license but you have to have a good foundation BEFORE you should start experimenting with a "style". It's pretty typical for people who are just starting out, but in your case I think you try to cover up your shortcomings as an artist by putting a so-called style on top of weak drawings. And yes...they are WEAK drawings. Trust me.

Second, your panel-to-panel work are in dire need of serious help. I know that there are many, many books out there that act as a beginner's guide on how to tell a good, well paced story. I suggest you invest some money into any or all of them. I think you can start with "How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way". That's only fitting considering you actually work for them.

My main problem with your storytelling is that fact that you don't bring anything dynamic to the table. Your job as the artist of a book to draw the reader in by giving them something cool to look at. Something they've never seen before. I don't think you're capable of this because 4 issues have come out so far and there's no evidence saying otherwise! Your panels are plain and uninteresting and completely unworthy of the book that is "Iron Man". I know that this is just a mini-series and I thank god. If this was the monthly I know that wouldn't be the only person I know of that would drop this title instantly. Like your anatomy, your storytelling needs help. Or is it BECAUSE of your anatomy that your storytelling needs help? I just thought of that. Hmmm.... Anyways, I suggest that you start looking into establishing a good foundation before you try any of the shots that you've "drawn" so far. Try watching good action cinematic movies like "The Matrix" or "Lord of the Rings". Also, I don't understand why you put those obnoxious thick panel borders? They're not very good comics, man. It's never been done that way for years and there's a reason why. They don't work! They're distracting as hell and you've got enough working against you in your work that you don't want another thing that makes you even weaker. Loose the thick panel borders.

I could go on because there are so many other things you can improve on before you could even considered "professional grade", but I think I've made my point loud and clear. I'm writing this to you because I'm as an artist I know that criticism will hopefully help you out. I'm going to end this critique on a positive note by saying that I think you've got something in your work that could be spectacular but it isn't there yet. Don't loose confidence though because I think you have some serious potential. I have to make myself believe that because someone actually let you draw a mainstream comicbook. But more than anything I hope that by reading this you'll be forced to evaluate your own work and it will make you better in the long run. And as artists that's all we can hope for is is to get better at our craft, right? Good luck and have fun!




ryan cody said...

Fucking classic. He obviously is a student of anatomy but not grammar or spelling or coherence. This is wonderful though, I'd love to give him a copy of Villains and hear his thoughts, if he wrote that to you, I might get a novella out of him! Keep on keeping on the good fight for classic, dynamic comic art man.


Benjamin Hall said...


That is the best email ever. At least he was bringing up how much you suck in order to help you out. :)

rupert valero said...

long time viewer, first time replier. eric, love your work. it is very inspiring. you've got a great style, and though you don't need anyone telling you that, i just felt compelled to write because there are always haters and fire-killer in this world and this is a text book example. thanks for sharing your awesome work and also this letter. it goes to show someone always envies what we respectively do as a passion. keep up the great work! p.s. love your take on iron man. very creative.

Skottie Young said...

Wow. That's the only word that comes to mind. I've come to learn over the years that someone who has to remind you every 4 sentences that they know what they're talking about rarely does. I'm all for critiques, and think they are useful tools to pushing forward, but this reeks of a fan that feels HIS beloved character is no longer the same as he grew to love all these many years.

I'm sorry, but anyone who knows Eric and the projects that he has lent his talent to know that he is a master of pacing and storytelling. From storyboard to pages, he has never failed to drag the reader/viewer into the action.

Sadly, it always the ones that remind you how professional they while writing an email asking how you attained a job, and hinting towards wishing you would loose it. Fandom is funny that way.

"You don't draw (insert fanboy character here) very well and now I think you should not be able to do things like eat or pay rent."

I think that sometimes people forget how cartoony and overtop some of the older Kirby era guys really were. We've been brainwashed by the Jim Lee's and the Brian Hitche's into thinking that if it doesn't look like that then it's not comics and it's not good. Very sad.

Haha. I could go on and on about this email and how I feel the exact opposite on just about every point, but what would it matter. I would never try to talk someone out of their own opinion. I just wish that they could realize that despite what they think they know, it's just that...an opinion. I've had a number of conversations with various people, inside and out of the industry who all, from top to bottom, love Eric's work on Ironman and anything else he has lain a line on.

P.S. And I'm an artist, TRUST ME, I know a little something about this...hahahaha.

Saskia said...

i wonder if he was actually thinking while he has written this...

Sam Rowan said...

"Try watching good action cinematic movies like "The Matrix" or "Lord of the Rings"

of all the movies he picks them, Thats a real sign of a person with little taste,
try rumblefish I love that movie

Man, I like your work because of your graphic style, He seems like a man that needs to step back a bit and realise that change can be a good thing.

One the best things about your ironman comics is the comic represents the style inside. I hate seeing a kick ass cover and the inside is still standard "how to draw marvel"


Gasmask said...


This is the perfect example of "fanboy letter".

This is the first time I post here, but could not do anything else after reading this gentleman email.

I remember a TV recording of people outside a Sex Pistols show, demonstrating against the Pistols music, saying it was a shame to have such people allowed to produce such revolting music as what the SP were doing.
The TV crew then asked John Rotten what he thought about them and he looked at the camera and said:"They are outside the venue, we are inside, let them talk."

I would say the same, let the guy talk, you're inside he's outside.



Kelsey said...

BWAHAHA! This really lifted my spirits today! Absolutely hilarious!

God, I would love to see this guys art. It's probably beyond "suck". I mean, so far into "SUCK" that he's gone from "suck" to "BLOW"

Trust me. I'm an artist. I know what I'm talking about.


Dave Hamann said...

That was gold.
"Don't loose confidence!"

Trust him, he's a whale biologist.

Sam Nielson said...

I'm extrapolating from this letter that the writer has no "style," in any sense of the word.

10 years "studying" anatomy? What does that mean anyway?

eric nguyen said...

Hey eric,

Ha!! I just have to say,,,you've really made it...to have someone hate on you as much as this artist of artists... kudos. My god, and he spent the time to write it. Such hate definitely means he's in love with you. HAHA...fugg...you've made my day with this one.

keep up the fantastic work.


B_Steelo said...

"My main problem with your storytelling is that fact that you don't bring anything dynamic to the table."

Come on dawg...sometimes you need to slow down.


Mateo said...

first at all, my english is not great but...
I am a "14 years experience" comic book artist, and this guy is...
Eric, your work is awesome. Inspiring and full of energy.

the stupid words made me deaf-

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Thank you Scottie Young, I say Dido!

If anything Canete, sure evaluate you work. Try sending Images to some willing artists you respect and see what they say about you stuff. That kinda thing is always great to do.
Lastly with saying that, you in fact are an artist I respect, if you have the time (or anyone) take a gander at my blog and gimme a few opinions.

Patrick Gray said...

Eric, thank god someone finally had the balls to tell you all these things. I've been thinking for years that your stuff wasn't dynamic enough, your biceps don't work and that your panel borders were way too thick. ;)

Leaf said...

Skottie beat me to it, 'cuz my first thought reading that letter was, "Wow. Is this 'artist' for real?" Sad. Too many people throw around the title of artist with no real right to do so. Eric is an artist while JJ sounds like the kitsch poseur you'd meet at a craft show.

Plus, you'd think it would've dawned on him you do draw the Marvel Way, "considering you actually work for them."

Keep it, Eric. Your style is so fine it hurts my feelings.

Michael said...

epic lulz?!

i think so

B. Clay Moore said...

Just what we need more self-declared "experts" who wouldn't know art if it crawled into their mother's basement and shared their single bed with them.

Keep on keepin' on, EC.

axel#13 said...

F#*k J.J.! He doesn't know what the what he's talking about. He's an artist me ass! The letter made me laugh....because he is soooo dman wrong! God know.....how long have I known you....15 years or so? It's been a long time....you grown as an artist since the first time I met you you (you were kick ass then). The Iron Man work is some of the strongest work that you have done to date! And the 90 minute drawings are awesome too! Well, I'll catch you later!

Craig Zablo said...

I read that letter thinking one of your friends pranked you. Guess not.

Makes it even funnier.

Keep on keepin' on!

Rian said...

My immediate reaction to this letter, as a big fan of yours, is to get angry with the guy who wrote it, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion after all. I also have to avoid the strong urge to heckle the guy for his poor spelling, but I won't bother. All that really matters to me is that I love the work you do and as long as you keep doing it, I'm happy.

Rock on.

- Rian

naomiful said...

Hahahahahaha... you know that guy walked away from his computer saying, "Eric Canete just got OWNED heheheh"

Ahh... good times. That is the best e-mail ever :)


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Haha whale biologist!!
Leaf has a great final line there.

Shawn Crystal said...

Well, its a good he's not the guy speaking to a bunch of young comic book students;) This dude is crazy go nuts.

Víctor Ibáñez said...


That mail was laaaaame.

Matt Wieringo said...

I think Benjamin said it best: "HAHAHAHAHAH!"

When Leaf told me about this (we're both big fans of Eric's IRON MAN) I couldn't believe it and had to see it for myself. My god. Obviously, Eric, you're taking this in stride. If not, I'd be tempted to reassure you that, in this age of over-rendered, photo referenced crap, guys like you, Darwyn Cooke, Mike Manley and Marcos Martin give me hope for the future of comics. Keep slinging those inks, brutha. Stay "lose". (Heh.)

Oh, and, as a HUGE Iron Man fan from waaay back...he hasn't looked this good in years.

—J said...

- UR ANATOMY SUX. (Trust me, I'm from teh internets.)
- UR PANEL WORK SUX(but not in any way I can specifically name)

There. Summarized.

Andre Szymanowicz said...

Holy crap what a total piece of crap this guy was. Just press on Eric. I know someone's total lack of class isnt going to trip you up, but when think about this letter, just laugh and keep working that magic that you do with your art.

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

HAHAHA, funniest thing anyones gonna read on here.

Jon Tsuei said...

"And it's because of that I feel entitled to question the powers-that-be who gave you the shot of drawing such a classic character when you're obviously artistically unqualified to draw the Golden Avenger."

I think I love that sentence the most. I don't need to come on here and reiterate what's already said by others before me.

If this cat wants to question "the powers that be" then he should question some of the most respected names in the comic book and animation industries, people like Mark Chiarello, Jim Lee, Joe Casey, Stephen Wacker, Peter Chung, and Glen Murakami. These are all guys who have either worked with Eric or gave him work.

Who was that guy that was supposed to draw Mek for Warren Ellis? Oh right, that was Eric Canete. Who was supposed to draw Couscous Express for Brian Wood. Yeah, Canete.

But I'm glad Mr. Self-qualified Artist is studying art because his grammar and spelling need some work. I'm a writer, trust me :)

smisaacs said...

mind boggling stupidity.....

Skottie Young said...

-j might have made me laugh harder than I ever have to something written on the net

-trust me I from teh internets- is the most classic line ever!

Niezam said...

Don't worry eric we love your art so much... he doesn't know 'the art of comic'. If what he said is true... then all comic artist are bad with anatomy. He just says what he feel...

Jacob Walker said...

Thanks for sharing, mostly your work, but that email is priceless too.

PS: Your the only reason why I have ever read Iorn-Man. Outstanding!


Wow. What a tool...
Keep up the great work Eric!

Reynes said...

Wow that guy must be a genius. He IS an artist because writing such e-mails IS art.

potato farm girl said...

That "critique" was one of the most underhanded I have ever read. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but there is alot to learn from being open and learning from others art, instead of being close minded and not being able to see past one's own accomplishments. I hope this guy is at least taking his own advice.
Thanks for posting this. It was at least entertaining.

Joshua Middleton said...

Incredible. I didn't think it was possible, but reading that letter made my brain shit itself.

If his opinions and grammar are any indication, he is likely an editor.

Stay strong, Eric. It will never get better, but stay strong.


adri said...

man, this kind of people is saaaaaaad...

Pete said...

Look on the bright side, Eric: the next couple of names on J.J.'s email enlightenment list are probably Mike Mignola and Claire Wendling.

Tu said...

You guys ever notice when a person critiques another person's art, they always claim that they have been studying anatomy for years upon years.

I think I've seen people claim this everyday more times than a cat licks its own junk.

Bill said...

Yeah, the guy is obviously sore that he can't get a job in comics and is taking out his frustration in his unwarranted, lame ass criticism of your work. Eric, you're art is so kick ass it puts other artists to shame. I think you did that to poor ol' JJ.

Chuck said...

Man, i`d love to see this guy`s work!

murf said...

I didn't know Michaelangelo drew comics!

Why don't you draw a nice thick line and stick it up his anatomically correct ass?

da janx said...


criticism and critique are totally different things. criticism is fit for the waste basket.

everyone's entitled to their opinions... even if they're dead wrong.

keep on keeping on.

Skotti said...

Dear JJ,

In the Immortal words of Richard Pryor, via Eddie Murphy.

"Have a Coke and a smile, and shut the @#$% up."



Seriously, did I get mental when Eric drew my Cybernary? Hell no, it's what made me into his #1 creepy stalker chick.

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

Fuckin prick!

...sorry, nothin else came to mind.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

"I'm an ARTIST goddamn it....
I may work in a cubicle but I'm an artist....

I'm an artist...


btw (the above is a work of satire, I DID NOT write that letter.. just to avoid any confusion)

ANX said...

Oh my god, I can't breathe. I'm laughing much too hard. Oh lord. Oh...man...that was good comedy right there.

Brian said...

Let's not be too hard on JJ gang.

First, he's given us all a good laugh and

Second, all the responses to his message have proven that Eric's blog has a lot more than just the ten visitors he mentions as his audience in the January 21st post.

Let's make JJ a wake up call for all us lurkers to post more often and show Eric the love he deserves.

SergeLaPointe said...

Am I the only one who agrees to be with JJ? Man, you really do make suck Mr Canete, sorry. The powers that be were wrong that are giving you work on the Golden Rod...

hehehe... I can't keep it up! Made me laugh Eric, I'm jealous now. Wish I could get good emails like that too, and not only the bigger penis spam...

Keep on drawing them, I'll keep on reading them!


Aaron Sowd said...

The best line is "...you don't bring anything dynamic to the table."

BWAH-Ha-ha-ha!!! That's hilarious! Your work is nothing if not dynamic and anyone with a basic knowledge of art can see that! That's a classic letter, I'd frame it!

He's right about those thick panel borders, though! What were you thinking? ;-)

dustin said...

eric, i don't appreciate you posting my personal emails i send to you online...

please, don't do that again. trust me, i know my way around a few 3d softwares as well as MS paint and Microsoft word.

i know what i am talking about.

Cully Hamner said...

No, it's true. J.J. *is* a very talented artist. I remember him from GOOD TIMES.

So, he does know what he's talking about...

shane oakley said...

Everyone IS entitled to their opinion, but J.J's is the opinion of a sad wannabe prick!
Eric - your Iron Man is the first Marvel comic i've picked up for centuries, i even payed money.
Wish i drew as badly as you...
Cheers, Shane.

Nando said...

it sucks that 10 years of studying of the human form and various 3D programs didn't include "how to avoid being a douchebag 101"...

Stuart Immonen said...

Beautiful image (of course). You're a better man than I am to take this and laugh. I'm crying.

Lue Sang said...

Excellent 'Take your lunch money' X-men pic!

Man, I can't add anything new to this whole letter thing. Insane is what it is.

Reading the responses has me dying with laughter.

Great of you to take this with a smile and share, Eric.

Urban Barbarian said...

That has to be a joke...! Glad you have a sense a humor about this stuff!

Always remember that you're my hero! Hee-hee!

tom said...

I couldn't help myself:

JJ's art gallery:

Dean Trippe said...

So kind of that guy to try to help you out, Eric. :)

(Great X-Team, btw!)

flaviano said...

shit! why people don't let people have fun and give fun. Eric style of drawing feet is the funniest i ever seen and god bless him for that!

Johnny B said...

This guy's an artist alright. A bullshit artist.

Your work is so dynamic it struggles to stay on the page. Screw this guy.

Lue Sang said...

Tom, I think you're my new hero! :)

Clement Sauve said...

As funny as Tom's page is, i REALLY wanna see JJ's stuff.

Cause, you know, he's an artist and he knows what he's talking about.

I'm expecting a mix of a bad Silvestri clone and a worse Madureira clone, spiced up with a few traced pictures. The total douchebag package.

brunopags said...

DUDE, i said it when u got those negative reviews on the series: FUCK EM. (sorry i know it's a family blog) + yea i know what he's saying about learning anatomy b4 creating a style (i've heard it a lot my 1st year of art school) but considering where ur stuff started at and what u've done since (my fav's of urs besides iron man are ur take on majestic + cybernary) if this jackoff is such a master why doesnt he show us his stuff ? i say put up or shut up

Knigge said...

Trust me when I say this guy is an ignorant prick. I've been studying ignorant pricks for years and this guy takes the cake.

Trust me. Sers. I know what I'm talking about.

You're awesome. I know what I'm talking about here.

Andre said...

omg... i don't what to say... all the email is just..too stupid...

i waited a lot for seeing eric drawing this comic, man, keep up the good work, seriously, this guy is just talking bullshit, a god one.


Nat G said...

This has such a vibe of I-don't-happen-to-like-your-work- because-it's-not-as-much-like-my-
is-and-I-got-rejected jealousy that I just have to reckon that the criticisms he's putting on you were the ones he got himself (to the best of his memory) at some portfolio review.

And you can trust me at that because I'm a guy who writes emails too.

vimmy fuego said...


.... shoot! I knew I should've pressed that 'grammer check' button!

Ztoical said...

Hi hon, long time reader first time poster deal - first off I never picked up an iron man title till yours, I love your style.

The email is gold, seriously I nearly wet myself reading it - but it was when he said you should go read "how to draw the marvel way" in order to learn how to draw, well, I had to go lie down I was laughing so hard.

Ahh thats really been a great start to my day.
Luv and bubbles,

chamba said...

as late as i am to comment on this, i might add;

i sure you had a ball when you 1st read that.


j_ay said...

One can only laugh when reading such a thing. Hell, at least he tried to put some words together instead of the usual "[insert name here] sucks!" crap.
Keep at it, man. You're blowing us all away.

Scott said...

I too am be study of anatomy for three many years, and are known around several 4D modeling programs, so trust in me when I come from nowhere to crap in the eyeballs of your artwork. . .

J.J. my friend, you are an unqualified douche-bag.

Eric's Iron Man is the first really interesting and dynamic take on that rusty suit of armor that I've seen in years. Its also the only Iron Man story I've been happy to play money to read since I was a kid.

We're having a good laugh at this over on Mike Oemings forum. Keep up the AWESOME work Eric!

victorsart said...

Funny stuff , "trust me I am from teh internetz " is classic. Anger (jealousy?) makes people do strange things like write long letters to people they "dislike" .Meanwhile I love your work and have never commented. SOo Eric I'm a huge fan! you're one of my favorite artists and continue to inspire me day in and day out.

Marc Bryant said...

Welcome back to comics Eric!

A whole world of WOW. It's obvious that this guy doesn't realize anything of importance about art, grammar *or* common courtesy. He didn't provide any credits of his own, academic or professional. To me, that all leaves him not much of a leg to stand on, particularly for a unsolicited critique. This is sour grapes and base ignorance, pure and simple.

Still loving you work Eric, despite the fact that it sucks. Hope you're doing well, haven't talked to you since I got the cool Lone Ranger piece from you.

Toyebot said...

holey moley...keep it up eric!

WALTHER said...

Hey man! Sorry by my english,but iam a comics artist from Argentine,i spend a lot of time working like professional over the comics books in Europe (and draw two books for Marvel too) and i need to tell you that iam a fan of your work for a lot of yaers ago.

Yor charactes, really,have sould,your artist touch its great.
You are a wordreful artist.
This guy its one more of the typical anonimus asshole of the web .
Walther Taborda.

Jamal Igle said...

I think that sometimes people forget how cartoony and overtop some of the older Kirby era guys really were. We've been brainwashed by the Jim Lee's and the Brian Hitche's into thinking that if it doesn't look like that then it's not comics and it's not good. Very sad.

Haha. I could go on and on about this email and how I feel the exact opposite on just about every point, but what would it matter. I would never try to talk someone out of their own opinion. I just wish that they could realize that despite what they think they know, it's just that...an opinion. I've had a number of conversations with various people, inside and out of the industry who all, from top to bottom, love Eric's work on Ironman and anything else he has lain a line on.

P.S. And I'm an artist, TRUST ME, I know a little something about this...hahahaha.
I have to agree, you know the thing is, If you put my name in as opposed to Eric's , I've gotten a very similar critique from online"reviewers" who couldn't find their ass with a map and a flashlight .
People forget that comics are an artform and all art is extremely subjective. Skottie brought up Jim Lee and even if you break down Jim's work his work is as highly cartoony as Eric and Jack Kirby in a different manner.
That being said... Good work Eric.

AC Crew said...

I'm not an artist, but if I were, I'd hope to be talented enough to capture the attention of the mentally ill, long enough for them to stop masturbating, or rolling in their own feces, or both, to write me an email telling me how awesome I'm not.

Dust said...

In as much as I'd love to administer yet another verbal thrashing to our esteemed art critic, I must, for the sake of brevity and redundancy, decline. I will, however, indulge in some mild ego stroke. Eric, I consider you both skilled in your craft, and singularly talented. That being said, I would like to opine that it is possible that J.J. simply dislikes your "aesthetic". That, coupled with a possible personal attachment to the character of Iron Man may lead said emailer to launch what amounts to a passive aggressive assault in defense of both his perception of how Iron
Man should be portrayed, and, possibly, the disparity between his artistic abilities and yours. This manifesto being thinly veiled as a helpful critique, precariously bolstered by his oft cited, and most certainly extensive, study of the human anatomy, not to mention comic storytelling progression. Or... he may have simply drunk a crapload of Haterade. Seriously, some people geniunely prefer huge rocks of crack cocain mixed in with their Cookie Crisp. Whoohoo, you rock, he blows!!!

Calavera Kid said...


that was awesome.

thanks for sharing eric, brought a smile to my face too!

Monkeyfeather said...

Wow, is this guy for real. Man, incredible...

All I know is, I haven't bought an Iron Man comic since I was a kid, but I sure as hell bought Iron Man Enter the Mandarin.

Awesome work.

Cameron said...

I so dearly, dearly hope J.J. is reading right now.

Mark said...

Does this idiot think your some kind of noob right out of school who landed a gig with Marvel or something? Why doesn't he type this dumb s**t to Rob Leifeld or Pat Lee, people who deserve these "critiques". JJ if your reading this, you have no idea what your talking about, and you have no appreciation for style, you just want photorealistic figures in comics. Do us all a favor and stick to being a 40 year old virgin living in his mom's basement, and stfu. clown.

Chris Battle said...

teh internetz r the funny :D

Dec said...

Actually, I think "JJ" makes some valid points. Some people do get all caught up trying to achieve a kind of style before learning about anatomy. However, I don't think any of his comments can be directed at your work. You obviously know what you're doing sir; it's very clear just from looking at the pieces on your blog (I can't speak for your storytelling, as I haven't seen it but I'm sure it's up to scratch) 'thick panel-borders equals bad storytelling?' What the hell was that about!?

It sounds to me that this guy, with all his 'obvious' background in art is just jealous of what you've achieved. I'm sure he reckons he could do a better job.

Pay no heed, and keep up the great work!


Grant Gould said...

Hahahaaaa.. :) Kudos to you, man, for taking this kind of thing with a smile. Judging by the number of responses you've gotten already, I can see I'm not alone in thinking whoever wrote that letter's got some serious taste issues.

Great X-men pic, too, by the way --

Amy Pronovost said...

Man.. best fanboy letter ever.

I'm glad you have a good sense of humour about it, and I'm also glad a friend of mine linked to your blog.

I love your style. Energetic and raw. I've missed this kind of art, I have been out of comics for far too long. Keep up the good work :)

Daniel Campos said...

Reading this I figured it must've been some kind of sick joke.

The true sickness is that people like this actually exist out there in fandom.

I just died a little inside.

bolognafingers said...

It's funny everything the guy hated about your work is what makes me like it. I hope you didn't break all of your pencils when you read this, because even though you suck now you have a lot of potential.

weshoyot said...

OMG eric! i've been away for a while and just checked in, man. what is this SH*T?!1??!?!? is the man off his bleekin' block???!!! oh man! he seriously needs a day job...but i guess since he's so insistant on his logic...i bet he's either a teacher whose bitter and hates his job and was never able to make it as a real artist OR got turned down by someone for a job doing comics...and boy have i met my fair share of bitter instructors....oi!

you dont deserve this! your work is amazing! and im glad you can laugh this sh*t off and continue to kick ass with your work!

Mel Celestial said...

Hey there :)

I'm a fan of your works, and I gotta say that was reaaaaaaally big of you to share an awesome letter with us all :D it made my day better with a good hearty laugh!

I don't know why, but the email reeks of a person who is so full of himself. He keeps amplifying how well he knows his way around storytelling + drawing figures every paragraph. Sure, studying anatomy is really important; but it doesn't mean you have to go Leonardo Da Vinci all the way. You can't call yourself and artist if you don't appreciate other perspectives/styles, much less if you don't open yourself to changes.

Last but not least, keep up the great work, Canete! You inspire a whole lot of us :)

ruben martinez said...

letters like these make me laugh only to keep me from getting really pissed off. as an artist you put yourself out there for a lot of review and comments both good and bad. i don't know if this guy has put himself out there, and if he hasn't then i think his comments are really disturbing and very upsetting. this guy is risking nothing, and offering nothing but his opinion. creating art is about free expression, and sometimes people don't always agree with what is created. and this guy dosen't have to agree that your stuff is awesome(which it is) but he can't blast you and come across as an authority on art without backing up this position with something more than just his words. i don't usually get this emotional about guys like this. but i felt the need to comment on this guys harsh critique.

spaceJASE said...

Wow - just came back from vacation and saw this letter + 93 comments!

Pretty awesome troll there, that J.J.. Can't take the guy seriously he's so nutters.

Thanks for the laugh - keep it up, dude.

Duncan Barton said...

lol, for one letter like this, you have scores of people telling you otherwise!

Fantastic work- I love your style and ink work. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're laughing this off with the rest of us :-D


i'm thinking of changing my name to "thejj" what you guys think? :)



Tony Akins said...

I might know that guy!
He sounds like an old boss we had together!
You just keep rocking with the art. Ignore the ass-clowns.

Ronin X said...

Wow,Im a little late to this but I had to sign up with an account just to comment!Did the guy even leave a link to his work?I dont think hes a artist at all.Sounds like a glorified fanboy to me.No artist would say that to another artist,even one they didnt like.Anyways I only have been buyin the miniseries because of your art.Your shit makes me vomit with envy."Trust me I'm JJ" is my new catchphrase no matter waht situation Im in lol.

Mike Boldt said...

Wow! I've read and had some of my own bad crits over the years but this one takes the cake.

One of my favorite things about it is how opposite I feel to Mr.JJ's opinion of anatomy. I think you have some of the most realistically moving characters I have ever seen. Not a bunch of muscle fitness meatheads flexing to maximum effect for every boring pose. I love your work and aspire to grasp anatomy half as good as you one day.

It's sad but in todays society everyone feels that their opinion is canon and is truth. People have such a lack of respect and need to learn some of the basics of what it is to be human. As well as understand some basic fundamentals of human coexistence.

Rock Rock On!


ps. Whoohoo, response 100! Out of all these responses how many supported JJ? Hmmm, may tell him something if he were to be fortunate enough to read this.

rhombus said...

Thanks for posting this! Too funny, along with some hilarious comments by artists who know what they're talking about... "Nothing dynamic to the table..." indeed! As many have already stated, your work is nothing if not dynamic, sir.

Pop-Monkey said...

Well, looks like I'm a bit late to the party and nothing I can say hasn't already been stated, but this guy couldn't be more off base! It's like it's opposite day and he decided to "craft" a letter that states exactly the inverse of the truth of your work. To say it's not to his taste would be one thing, but to claim a lack of dynamism?!?!
Dynamism is the one word I would apply to your work, were I limited to be so brief! I ,who have now switched over almost exclusively to the trade paperback format, have committed to buying each individual issue of IM:EtM on it's release date, cuz I love 'em so much!

I've gotta see J.J.'s work! As much as I love your stuff, his has GOT to be leagues beyond!


J.J. -?

I think that's John J Muth
I'd listen to him if I was yoos.

If you did suck you'd be ashamed to post that. Since you don't, it's funny.


J.J. -?

I think that's John J Muth
I'd listen to him if I was yoos.

If you did suck you'd be ashamed to post that. Since you don't, it's funny.

Chris Sears said...

i stumbled across you blog. the artwork is good, but this letter...

man i'm hooked.

he's a doooooooooooooosh

p.s. do you know him? how did he get your e-mail?



arni beck said...

Eric, mate. The fact that you posted the letter implies that you care not what he says, and rightly so.

Keep up the good work, and post all letters like that. They are certainly far more entertaining than the latest celebrity gossip.

All the best from Euroland

suedemonkey said...

sir, let me start off by giving a little background about myself. i am also from cebu, a wannabe artist, and a long time lurker of your blog. this is my very first comment.

i may not be a good artist but i know when i see an amazing artist such as you. trust me, i know.

the reason for this comment is just to tell you that i am a man that very, very seldom use cuss words. but everytime i see your art, i cuss aloud. you rock man! you rock big time. you dont need anybody to tell you that. trust me, i know. i have a lot of experiences about this.

the first time i saw your art, i never had any idea how big you were. i saw your art, i was floored. i even wondered why there were no books with your art in it. i did research. i was floored even more.

i am not doing this to tell you dont mind other people. you dont need that. i just want to air out, where the f@ck he got his ideas.

enjoy and thanks for the arts man!

384Sprites said...

This guy is the best of the tools. He uses mere words to describe his talent to provide credibility to his rant. If he supplied his own work to bolster his words [hyperlink]... then I'd might take him serious. Sounds like a buddy of yours that's jealous of you. People with 10 years of anatomy and 3D-know-how with no recognizable name also teach finger-painting at community colleges.!