“Today, in our field, there is so much talent and recognition that we are reaching a saturation point. An artist should no longer strive only for breathtaking craftsmanship; he should, instead, try to help us live better, either by dressing the wounds that are constantly being opened by society, or by offering solutions to get us out of the mess we’re in…But it’s going to be difficult and we have a lot of work to do.” - Jean 'Moebius' Giraud

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Got back from the NYC show on Monday. I've got pictures and such (mostly sight-seeing stuff, less of the con) and I'll upload them as as soon as I'm able. For now, I'm just trying to recuperate, and get ready for the show in SF this coming weekend. No rest, I tell you.

So if you're going to be up in the NoCal area, drop by the Wondercon where I'll have the copies of my new sketchbook 'HALOGEN : HALO' available (as well as the last few copies of 'Beauty and the Beast'). Yeah, I know - I was supposed to have them for the east coast show, but even the best laid plans can get screwed up. The pictures above are what they look like. I'm only bringing about 50 copies with me (I'm trying to be optimistic by thinking I'll actually *sell* 50 copies, but a guy can hope, yeah?) because I'm trying to keep my baggage light. And with the jewel case and the box, it can start to get really heavy and cumbersome. I mean, look at the thing! It's like I've released my first music album or something! Haha!

I'll be there with Geoff Ong (writer and graphic artist extraordinaire) and Axel Ortiz (design and illustration guru); both from Studio BVS. Geoff is selling copies of his opus 'BACKSPACE: Race for the Tomorrow' and Axel is selling his sketchbooks and other wares - or he'll be making street tacos with spicy guacamole. I'm not sure which yet. Hee! Seriously folks, drop by the table, chat it up with us and get a sketch or commission. We'd love to meet you.

Okay, I'm off. Deadlines and blah, blah, blah. I'll post pictures when I get home next week.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I don't remember who I was talking to about this, but did you know that 'flammable' and 'inflammable' mean the same thing? What the hell, English vocabulary?!

Anyhoo, here's Jack. See Jack run. Run from the savages, Jack. Run towards the bags of money that's synonymous with a Disney franchise. Run Jack, run.

**Note: So that Jon Tsuei (who's in the business of pimping my stuff - thanks man!) doesn't have a heart attack, let me tell those of you reading that you can find me in NYCC Artist's Alley at Table A125. Also, bringing some much needed class and grace to our table, the incomparable Lauren Montgomery will be there as well - the better half of that 'Beauty and the Beast' sketchbook Jon's talking about. And I bet if you ask her for one, she'll do a sketch for you when you buy our book. Or she'll spit at you like a camel. Class and grace, I said. Okay, I'm going to go pack now.**

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So I'm sick again. Well, not so much anymore, but over the weekend it felt like my brain was oozing out of my nose. Now I've just got this nagging cough and a head cold that will turn into some kind of mind-blowing (literally) ordeal once I get on an airplane and fly to NYC.

You might say that a cold isn't anything new, but all of 2006 I wasn't sick. Not once. This year so far? Twice. Once around New Year's and now around Valentine's Day (that's when it started). My illnesses seem to be on an eerie holiday schedule. I don't know what red letter, calendar day is next but I bet I'm going to be giving the over-the-counter pharmaceutical companies more of my money sometime very soon. Has Punxsutawney Phil had his holiday yet? Because for sure I'm going to get sick on his day. Also, me getting sick fringes on the theme of the movie that has that same weather forecasting groundhog in it. I could have sworn that this happened already.

So should the handful of you who check this blog happen to drop by the show this coming weekend, please don't take any offense at what I do after we shake hands; I'm slathering my palms with sanitizer for fear of contracting another communicable virus. It's not you, I swear - I've suddenly become a germaphobe and I'm just making sure that I make it through the weekend.

Anyway, here's the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad with Bill playing on his flute. Betcha' Beatrix Kiddo never got sick two holidays straight. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

JUNK FOOD_update

So yeah - the new sketchbooks won't be ready on time. Darn it. At least not for the NYC show anyway. But it will be ready for the show in San Fransisco (Wondercon) - you know, unless of course I'm lying again. Which, based on my previous track record on this here blog, is probably the case. Oh well, flower sketches for everybody. Haha!

Seriously, I guess I'll just end up behind the table doing commissions and sketches during the weekend. I hope to meet as many of you who can come by. I'm not going to be there for day one (Friday) so good buddy and partner in crime Jonathan Tsuei will be manning the table (he'll have copies of 'Beauty and the Beast' with him for sale - for those who missed picking one up from the other shows I've done) next to Dustin. If you've got an idea of what you might want for a commission then ask him for the sign-up sheet, put down your request and I'll get to it as soon as I get into town. Cool? Cool.

So for now...more JUNK FOOD!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

'HALOGEN: HALO'_update

Here's the plan: I'm planning on attending the show at the year's New York Comic Con where I hope to have a small format, full color sketchbook available for purchase containing the colored images I've exhibited here in the past (and I think a couple that I haven't yet...who knows at this point), as well as some sketches like the ones that I'm posting above. The stats are: 'HALOGEN: HALO' - 32 full color and B&W images, 5 3/8 x 4 5/8 (about the size of a CD jewel case) $20.00 USD.

Now that plan can all go FUBAR if the books don't get to me on time, in which case I'll have nothing on the table. I'm just going to sit there and draw flowers in people's sketchbooks - you know, those of you who are kind enough to ask me and...um...who like...flowers?

Seriously, folks - come by the table, see if I've messed up and the sketchbooks didn't get there on time, ask for a me for a sketch (or maybe a commission) where I'll promptly refer you to my buddy Dustin Nguyen (you know, the DC exclusive monster that brought you Manifest Eternity, The Authority, Widcats 2.0? You'll know it's him because he's such a rockstar that he glows white. He's sitting right next to me.) and he'll hook you up. Bye!

Oh, and 'Iron Man' is going swimmingly well - thanks for asking, Phil (who doesn't allow access to his Blogger profile and I can't e-mail him back because I lost his info).

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

LONDON BRIDGE_90 minutes

"How come everytime you come around, My London, London bridge, wanna go down like, London, London, London, wanna go down like, London, London, London, we goin’ down like…"

Man, that song is really infectious and it cracks me up. I don't even know what she's saying with that chorus but, hell...as long as she's saying it with a Union Jack on her undies I'm all ears. 'Cause, you know...um...I...um...like the...um...Union Jack?

Monday, February 05, 2007

BEYOND_90 minutes

About two weeks with no updates. Sorry...

I bought a new pair of jeans and a new wallet. The wallet was almost a perfect square measuring 4x4.5" and doesn't comfortably fit in either front or back pockets and the jeans had prefabricated metro-sexual 'holes' on them.

What does that have anything to do with the fact that I haven't updated in almost two weeks? Sometimes even the most simple, straightforward intentions doesn't always work out. I'll try to do better this week.