“Today, in our field, there is so much talent and recognition that we are reaching a saturation point. An artist should no longer strive only for breathtaking craftsmanship; he should, instead, try to help us live better, either by dressing the wounds that are constantly being opened by society, or by offering solutions to get us out of the mess we’re in…But it’s going to be difficult and we have a lot of work to do.” - Jean 'Moebius' Giraud

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Okay, two for today because there won't be an update tomorrow. I don't think there will be an update tomorrow. If there are plans to update tomorrow I haven't thought about it. Tomorrow there are no plans of an update, I think. I'm thinking that an update isn't planned for tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, I've been thinking that there are no plans for an update. I thought if I update it's not planned for tomorrow. Update, tomorrow, no, I think.

That's why there's two today.


John Beatty said...

Eric, you're confused about tomorrow, becz tomorrow never comes, but if it does, you've already posted 2 pieces today, so tomorrow is already posted today. I think these are really nice pieces and can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring? If you change your mind, we'll be waiting to see what your plans are.


Brian said...

I'd say that, "The sun will come out tomorrow," but you've already done a great "Annie" sketch so I won't say that, at least not today . . . maybe tomorrow, if the sun comes out and I don't lose my bottom dollar . . . you know, tomorrow.

Chris Sims said...

okay, you must be bored!

Reynes said...

So no update today, right ?
Great image anyway :)

weshoyot said...

What is time? It is a secret - lacking in substance and yet almighty.