“Today, in our field, there is so much talent and recognition that we are reaching a saturation point. An artist should no longer strive only for breathtaking craftsmanship; he should, instead, try to help us live better, either by dressing the wounds that are constantly being opened by society, or by offering solutions to get us out of the mess we’re in…But it’s going to be difficult and we have a lot of work to do.” - Jean 'Moebius' Giraud

Monday, September 24, 2007



[Work it, make it, do it,
Makes us harder, better, faster, STRONGER]

[Work it harder make it better,
do it faster makes us stronger,
more than ever, hour after
hour work is never over]

N-now th-th-that that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
Cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I can't get much wronger
Man I been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on ya

I need you right now
I need you right now

Let's get lost tonight
You could be my black Kate Moss tonight
Play secretary, I'm the boss tonight.
And you don't give a f**k what they all say, right?
Awesome, the Christian in Christian Dior
Damn they don't make 'em like this anymore
I ask, cause I'm not sure
Do anybody make real shit anymore?
Bow in the presence of greatness
Cause right now thou has forsaken us
You should be honored by my lateness
That I would even show up to this fake shit
So go ahead go nuts, go ape shit
Especially in my pastel, all my Bape shit
Act like you can't tell who made this
New gospel homey take six, and take this, haters


"Stronger" - the bomb track from Kanye West's new album "Graduation". The Daft Punk sample is wicked as hell.

See... here's another song that I get a kick out of listening to, but after a while, hearing the lyrics, I've come to realize that I have no idea what the hell Kanye's getting at. Whatever. Anybody who can drop a funny Prince and Apollonia reference is a beast.


rory said...

Sweet Ladytron, man!

Roc said...

your Lady Tron is the greatest! And that song is one the best on the album. I think Daft Punk would be proud.

RLS said...

That is sweet! I loved your Ladytron one-shot back in the day. I wasn't that keen on the story but man, that art!

weshoyot said...

NEATO! you inspired me to start finding song lyrics to go with my art! hahahha

mmmmmike said...

wowowow! eric, this more than any other shows me your massive growth. her pose is SO naturalistic. light years past that one shot. kudos man

-ahem-excuse the familiar tone; too impressed.

@$$ said...

Kanye's just talking about the same thing he's always talking about...
How great he is, and how badly he wants to bone a blonde.