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Monday, September 17, 2007

INARA & MAL_commission

I don't know too much about this show. Even after I watched the movie and a couple of the supposed 'key' episodes, I *still* don't know enough to warrant me drawing a commission about them. But someone asked kindly enough and I hope I didn't screw it up too badly.

And as for the someone who asked - well...those of you who've ever read this blog all know the drill:

"Hey, Eric. Would you draw me a 'Serenity/Mal/Inara' commission? They're my favorites!"

"Yeah, sure! No problem. I'll get on that ASAP."

"You need my name or anything? You need a mailing address?"


So, yeah. E-mail me if this one's yours. Oh, and for the rest of you who are expecting commissions, I promise that I've got your name on a list. Somewhere. I swear. So I won't have to send out a cattle call-type thing like this for later commissions. Well, you know - let's see if I'm lying about that too.

[**EDIT: I found the fella's name. Scott! C'mon down! If you still want this image, then it's yours! Thanks for being so patient with me and I hope to hear from you!**]


Lue Sang said...

Well hopefully you liked what you saw of the show. I'm one of those who caught on to Firefly after watching Serenity - loved it all.

Excellent illustration Eric!

Geoff said...

Man, I am a big fan of Firefly and Serenity and you did a great job on that sketch. Very well done.

John Beatty said...


Again...great work!

You're not missing a beat on anything.

I'm being continually amazed by your work. Inspired too...

...I just don't know where you find the time???

Mine must be hiding from me? I need to find it soon! ;)


Brian said...

That's a real beauty Eric and if Scott doesn't want it - hard to believe - I'd be glad to take it off your hands.

Mana said...

Man, you're my blog-hero! Every post a winner!
Looking so forward to see more comics on the shelfs by you!

murf said...

The expression in her feet is excellent. Nice touch.

trialsze said...

My prayers have been answered. One of my favorite artist drawing a pic of my favorite show. Does it get any better? I think not. Nice take on the characters.

rory said...

...So nice....love how you framed their faces in her hair.

Joshm said...

Great line work and a wonderful rendition of Zoe, I think that's Zoe, and Inara. I did a terrible drawing of them that I never want to show to anyone, even though I have it on my blog.

I love your line work. I need to do line work like you do...easier said then done.

weshoyot said...

GORGEOUS! im jealous. jealous of your insane skillz and jealous of the fella that gets to claim this beautiful piece of art!

keep em coming! beautiful work eric!!!!!!!!!

Reynes said...

I've just received my copy of your Iron Man #1 and it's great work ! :)

sylv1K said...

i like very much your work, amazing picture!!

Brian said...


I'm jealous. I can't wait to read that book.

THEdave said...

You dont charge up front do you? heh