“Today, in our field, there is so much talent and recognition that we are reaching a saturation point. An artist should no longer strive only for breathtaking craftsmanship; he should, instead, try to help us live better, either by dressing the wounds that are constantly being opened by society, or by offering solutions to get us out of the mess we’re in…But it’s going to be difficult and we have a lot of work to do.” - Jean 'Moebius' Giraud

Thursday, July 12, 2007

PSYLOCKE_90 minutes

I don't have any original ideas left. Look HERE for an example of what I'm talking about.

Actually, it was only *after* I was done inking that I realized I had already done a pose similar (if not exactly) to that Catwoman I did however long ago. I was wondering why It felt so familiar and I was experiencing a case of deja vu. Go figure.

But, I mean - that still doesn't make the previous statement any less true. I am Indeed out of ideas. Whatever. That's less interesting that the fact that Psylocke used to be a British girl until The Hand got a hold of her, brainwashed her into being a ninja and as a byproduct, turned her into an Asian girl with purple hair.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?





Thursday, January 11, 2007


Gary Fitzgerald said...

lovely the first time, lovely the second time..

looking forwrad to the next in the trilogy..

Ryan Cody said...

Pasty, purple-haired British girl in a traditional costume = well written but boring.

Sexy, Asian purple-haired british girl dressed like a stripper = poorly written but sells like crazy to 13-30 year old boys.

Remember when she was blind too? Man, that was a good time for the X-Men.

Ben Jones said...

She's not dressed like astripper, she's dressed like Elektra.

Who's dressed like a stripper.

dmcgee said...

If you're gonna finally clank to a halt on a final idea this is a pretty good one to get stuck on. I could enjoy pretty much any super hero lass rendered in your belly out, legs tucked, playing with something in the air pose. Lets have a series!

RLS said...

Wow, they are so the same. But still, with results like these, I'm not going to complain. It's like those Disney animators re-cycling certain poses and clips. If I get classic Jungle Book and Winnie the Pooh cartoons from it, then it's all good.

I'm not going to complain about ninja Psylocke either 'cause that's the first Jim Lee arc on X-men and I still have very fond memories of those issues.

Kylie DiOrio said...

HAHA, awww! Lack of ideas, it's a been there done that*which I love that phrase because it relates to itself in a way*

I don't know much on X-men or any other comics, as I usually don't pass a comic store enough to get into them sadly....

But either way, I still think it's an awesome image. Just the feel of movement you give the images no matter what time restraint or no restraint you put into it, is awesome. Along with your linework, simply beautiful. Oh and in this image I ADORE the butterflies and her hair, in which made me YEE like the girl I am. Hahaha!

PS: Hope you don't mind me saying this but thank you for the comment back. Not sure on the awesome illustrator part, but still that made me so happy, and you're so, very, very nice!

trialsze said...

This is a hot pic. You make stuff look so simple to do. It drives me crazy. Your talent is just crazy bro.

potato farm girl said...

That seems to be one of the things a blog is good for, you start to see what is repeated, what themes start showing up. Even if it is the second time around, it is still very good, even better with butterflies!

weshoyot said...

love this! i drew her in crayola crayons from a flair card when i was a wee child...

if your out of ideas, you should draw RATATOUILLE to appease the pixar movie fan in me :)

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

Happens to any artist, the poses that we like to do or to seek are in our mind, and while sometimes we change them into new ones, some others maybe under the pressure that you have, are released and not noticed until it is too late.
Anyway is a great drawing, and it can be seen as an homage to yourself.

NICO Mengual said...

They look very similar, but I have this sensation when looking at this two pics separated, that is... I feel like you were inspired when you have done the draw... you know, even if you weren´t, I get that feeling... maybe it is because you´re such a master of the ink... I don´t know... I love your work, it looks freshhh even in 2 pics that looks the same.

arnie said...

i think it's the best form of flatery. you are so gosh darn good, you're begining to swipe yourself.

anyway, when you're done with the card series, when are we going to see a "90minute sessions" sketch book? perhaps a surprise at SDCC?

peace out