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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Actually, I don't know if any of these characters from Street Fighter actually use that attack? Maybe Sakura? I don't know. I have no business drawing nor coloring this image since I'm not a SF fan. But I figured anything to get me out my my comfort zone of just drawing superhero-type stuff all day can only help? Okay, more later.

Oh, and I don't know if that over-saturation of color is on my screen of it's really how it looks. I haven't calibrated this monitor since I got it so it's always a surprise when I transfer stuff from the Cintiq to this thing. Oh well - I'll get it right someday.


RLS said...

Wow. That's beautiful, Eric. I love those thick Chun Li legs. I like this outfit a lot better than her other regular one.
Fantastic colors dude. I don't think it's too saturated at all. It gives you a nice dusk-like atmosphere.

weshoyot said...

YES! the jumpsuit! awesome! im a pretty big streetfughter fan myself. can K-O almost anyone with chun li's "whirlwind kick" HIYAH!!!!!!!!!

great image! and i really like the super saturation of color!

Chris Sims said...

Amazing work Eric! I love SF and you definitely did justice to these characters!



now do a og chun li vs. aberto ruiz's mayan samurai

(you guyz knew i was going to chime in on this one, right?)

Lue Sang said...

Not a fan of SF? Meh... me neither. Been loving the last few installements of the VF series. Plus I'm more a fan of the ol' SNK fighters.

Wonderful piece, Eric. Wish I knew what the writing at the bottom said :)

Ryan Cody said...

I love this Eric,it got me starting my own series of SF2 sketches.

Eddy said...

SWEET! Looks like they're all stretching before stepping into the ring and kicking some A$$!

I always loved Chun-Li's tracksuit too!!


Gigi Cave said...

I LOVE this blog!!!

potato farm girl said...

Hadouken is one of my favorite words! I like the purple cintiq shadows, they are cool.

arnie said...

dude, come on eric "90 minute sessions" the skectch book... i know i'm being a pest, well actually i don't know if you're even listening to me at all, but the sqeaky fan gets the sketch book. whether you think you are qualified to draw anything is un-important, that's for us to decide.

peace out