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Friday, April 27, 2007

GOZER_90 minutes

Okay, one more for today because I missed posting on Thursday. And my nervousness due to coffee stimulant has subsided. So I decided to do another sketch.

Anyway, this movie is a classic for me. *SO* many memorable scenes, I can't pick a favorite. Bill Murray at his finest, too. Here's a scene from the movie that always makes me chuckle (taken from this site):

Venkman glowers at him, still skeptical.

(to the girl)
All right, miss. Have you or has any member
of your family ever been diagnosed
schizophrenic or mentally incompetent?

Well, my uncle thought he was St. Jerome.

(looks at Stantz)
I'll call that a big "yes."
(to the girl)
Do you yourself habitually use drugs,
stimulants or alcohol?


I thought not. And one last thing. Are you
currently menstruating?

What's that got to do with it?

Back off, man. I'm a scientist.

It's the way Murray delivers it, I think. Oh! And I Actually got to meet Winston 'Ernie Hudson' Zedmore himself at a show in San Fransisco! He was so awesome! Okay, no posts tomorrow. 'Rocket House' on Sunday. Have a great weekend folks!


francis tsai said...

heh that brought back some memories.

nice cowboy bebop piece also, a few posts down! that show rox. have you ever seen samurai champloo? highly recommended if you liked c.b.

arnie said...

Murray fed of the other characters and that's and why it's still in my video libray. but you by far are the experimant that keeps delivering. i've watched you feed and (borrow) from other influences over the years, and i must say i enjoy what you've become.

picaso was inspired by someone, and somebody else was inspired by him. but with each "borrower" they took it a little further. experimented and found something new about themselves. thanks for experimenting...

also this a is a great angle, but i would've liked to see the Ghostbusters faces a little more.

"90 minute sessions"...
peace out

Megalaros said...

I believe you've drawn my favorite memorable scene. You know? When someone asks you?

The composition has an insane amount of tension with every face sliced in half. You've pulled it off quite nicely. Very cool.

Frasier Olivier said...

Hi, excellent,
all your pictures are great, I love your work... I put your Blog in my Links.

oliver burn said...