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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

BACK FROM THE SHOW_commissions

Got back from the Wondercon show this past Sunday and I'm still recovering. Like I said, I'll post pictures as soon as I can collate them. But for now here are the three commissions I did at the NYCC show the previous week. Forgive the quality of a couple of the images as I didn't have a scanner handy to keep records for myself and I ended up using my handy-dandy digital camera to take pictures. Thanks to the guys who were kind enough to ask me for the images - they were a challenge and so much fun to do! I mean, how many times are you gonna have a guy ask you to draw 'Thanos' of all characters?! That was totally different.

BTW, if you're reading this Drew Cheskin, if it's not too much trouble, will you please send me a high-res scan of that Thanos image I did for you? I wasn't smart enough to snap a picture before I gave it to you on the last day of the show and had to pull the image I have up now from your Comicartfans.com gallery. I'd really appreciate it, man. Thanks in advance.

Anyway, enjoy!


Brian said...

I love the Thanos piece. Putting Galactus behind him was inspired. As for the other two, its stuff like that which makes me think we need to come up with a new word, as convention "sketch" doesn't do the work justice.

-Mike "El Loco One" said...

Wow what a nice dose of morning inspiration. I absolutely love all your work! It's fantastic, and will be adding you to a prominent high spot on my links so that I can keep coming here.
I think my favorites are your takes on movies. I try to do that myself!
Thank you for sharing the work.

Chris Sims said...


axel#13 said...

Man....these pieces look fabulous!

Valhalla Comics said...

These are all fantastic, man. I wish I ran into you at NYCC! =X That Thanos is just off the hook... seems like something I'd ask for. One of the best villains in the Marvel Universe, hands down. ;P



you going to wizworld la next ?

yes, no, maybe so ?

i might be there

Kevin Dalton said...

these are nice I especially like the second one.

a beat down picture always gets my blood flowing

Delgado said...

Cool,... cool.

Christine said...

Hey Eric!

Hope Jon's playing good roommate with you :)

just FYI: his bday's 4/3 ;) might want to hook him up with some bday strippers or whatever fun things you socal peeps like to do. haha

bistroboy said...

can I call you Dad??

no seriously,really good dope
'had just some time to identifie that left fishy arm and the fact that her mate is not on the ground(is she?)

but fuck,good synthesis and breakass inking makes me as happy as a fat kid with his jawbreaker