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Sunday, January 07, 2007


At one point, I thought I could draw backgrounds and managed to convince people at Warner Bros to let me do it for them. Crazy.

Here then, are the handful of development images I generated early last year for the new 'Legion of Superheroes' show. There actually wasn't all that much time to get a feel for the show - to have all the designers get on the same page in regards to specific shape theory, a visual vocabulary that represented the show, even something as basic as a consistent color palette - we had to hit ground running two weeks into the schedule. But I think it turned out to be a fine looking show.

The funny thing is, I did so many concept images that covered how the structures would look on this future Earth, only to realize the characters didn't stay on Earth very much! I mean, after the first episode, they went everywhere but Earth! Haha! I still had so much fun doing it as it was an extremely challenging, creative process.

**Note: The first four images/pages were concepts for the Legion's home base - for those of you who aren't as LOSH savvy - is an actually member of the team. I mean, the structure that's supposed to look like a crash landed rocket ship is an actual living organism that is a card carrying (well, in this case a 'ring bearing') member of the crew. That's just weird; he's got the Legion guys walking around in his guts. Ah, those kooky DC Comics writers.


meralda said...

great stuff!tanks to let us see it!

Michael said...

Thanks, Eric, I was hoping we'd see some of your stuff from the Legion show. These are mind-bendingly cool!

Did you do any production background art or were you only working on the conceptual stuff?

--Michael @ the Legion Omnicom

cdeboda said...

These are really cool and unique. Inspired to try and do some similiar comps.

Dela said...

Great shapes ,thanks for showing