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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


This'll seem sacrilegious to some of you, but I don't know 'Street Fighter' very well. Version 2, 3, Turbo...it's all foreign to me. As a matter of fact, it could be argued that I don't know Street Fighter at all. I mean, I know the basics...maybe. But every minute detail of each of the characters (their origins, their full names, their archrival, etc.) isn't committed to memory as compared to my other colleagues in this same industry. I don't know who's sicker - me (for not knowing the trivia) or them (for knowing too much).

For instance - Cammy's scar? I don't know if for a fact that she got that from Vega, but I don't care! It made for a fun picture. Who cares about Street Fighter anyways, you dorks?! Don't you guys have better things to do with your time except waste yer damn quarters at the arcade hoping for some validation of how cool you are because you can chain a combo and score a 'PERFECT!' on Bison in two rounds without throwing him?! You guys are ridiculous.



Jonboy! said...

Eric! This is the SHIT!!! Great stuff man!!

Chris Sims said...

Sometimes I feel like a dork because I know so much about Street Fighter and I still wish I knew more, as if they were real people or something. Actually, I'm not sure how Cammy got the scar either but, I do think Vega gave it to her in a "sparring" match because he was jealous of her. It's like a soap opera for action fans or something.

Now, you got me wondering what happened to a lot of the fighters that didn't make it to Street Fighter 3?!

VivaGlam said...

Yer just trying to cover up for the fact that you're a geek yourself, Mister.

And the thing I find most ironic is that yes, she did get the scar from Vega. It was immortalized in the comic done by Udon. I remember that segment, it was drawn by Hyung Tae Kim. Yeaaaaaah. Feels good to be up there, don't it?

UrbanBarbarian said...

These 90 Minute Sketches kick ass! And, I'm loving all the blog entries that go with them! LOL!

Ryan Cody said...

Wonderful take on these characters, a cool as hell animated style not overtly influenced by Timm. I'm so glad Ivan pointed out your blog.

Henry Elmo Bawden said...

Fun perspective. It looks good.