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Monday, May 01, 2006

SONJA_90 minutes

Went to the Los Angeles Science Fiction and Comicbook Convention at the Shrine Convention Center this weekend. I laugh because it seems that everything goes back to the beginning eventually. It's been years since the studio had done a show at that venue and spending a Sunday there really brought back memories. Making cheap ashcans (remember 'ashcans'? - jeezus) at Kinkos the night before, coming up with cheap table banners that'll pass for professional looking, and putting on sweatshirts that had the studio's logos on them - man, thems were the good ol' days. We did *none* of that this time around, thank goodness. I mean, were supposed to be professionals now, aren't we? We shouldn't have to wait until the last second to put together product, right? Yeah, right. But you kind of get what I'm getting at; it's nice to remember where you came from. We ran into old friends, looked at old Godzilla bootlegs, and shook hands with fans who still remembered us. It was a fine time.

Stop motion innovator Ray Harryhausen was the featured guest of the convention and that's what inspired the skeleton warriors attacking Sonja. If you've never seen his work on classics such as 'Jason and the Argonauts', 'The Valley of Gwangi', or 'Clash of the Titans' then you're missing out. Awesome stuff.


Jonas Diego said...

Awesome stuff. :)

Taclobanon said...

Got here from Jonas Diego's blog.

By the way, cool drawings like yours, done in--holy smokes--90 minutes (!) inspire me even more to draw draw and draw to become better!

Jon Tsuei said...

Clash of the Titans was always on TV when I was a kid and that movie scared the crap out of me. In fact, when I used to watch it my facial expression looked a lot like Sonja's, except I didn't have a big ass sword to ward of Medusa and that freaky owl.

Very fun piece here man. Is there a genre you can't draw?

HartCactus said...

Wish I could of attended the show & say "Hey". But no dice.
On the flip side...very cool 90 minute sketches bro! And the skeletons rock!
And so does Ray Harryhausen!!!! :^)


potato farm girl said...

She sure is chopping away at those skeletons, way cool!

Julia said...

haha yes, i THOUGHT there was something clash of the titansesque about that pic. and a there it is.


jonas - thanks man. i'm going to keep checking in on your page to see if you've imported any more of images.

taclobanon - i appreciate your kind words. those B&W images your blog were great! i hope you put up more soon.

jon - dood, 'CotT' was insane when I first saw it as a kid! i couldn't wrap my mind around how they did it and i was hooked after seeing all the designs for the costumes and environments and stuff like that. and medusa took the cake, though. but somehow i always mix up that movie with 'argonauts'. it's all one big harryhausen-palooza to me. heh.

hart - thanks man. the show is monthly and i think i'm going to drop by the next one for lesean's new sketchbook. the thing is 300+ pages thick - all lesean goodness. maybe we can meet up there?

potatofarmgirl - i'm humbled by yor skills, miss. i was excited to read that you're going to be putting up some process images up on your blog. any insight would be awesome!

julia - yep, now as before, i am a stealer. (*note: for those of you who have the inclination to navigate a bit, find this woman's work online - it is *so* good. what's even sicker? it's her hobby. dang.)