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Thursday, April 20, 2006

"SHADOW OF THE HAWK"_bazillion minutes

I think this episode has seen air. If not, please don't be mad WB headhunters - I'll take it down. Written by Dwayne McDuffie, Directed by Dan Riba, Produced by Bruce Timm. I've got boxes of this stuff - mostly guys pounding the bejeezus out of each other. I'm an Act 3 guy which means lots of fighting...lots, and lots of fighting. Not so much acting moments coz I suck at it. They give that to the good people.

Unlike live action/feature film storyboards, TV animation boards are ridiculously spelled out - as in, step by step. And on an action/adventure show like JLU it's a prerquisite. My best guess is because with so much stuff going on, they want to eliminate any headaches regarding communication with the overseas production/animation. Me? I don't care - I love drawing. The only time it hurts is when the inevitable wall that is the deadline zooms over the horizon and barrels towards me.

'Cuts' are indicated by the inverted triangle on the upper left corner of the panel. 'No Scene' means...you know...no scene. 'Action' descriptions in the left box, 'Dialogue' (when applicable) is right below that.

Man, this'll take me forever to upload.


Charles Drost said...

I found your blog through a comment you left on someone else's blog and I'm looking at your work and I'm like, goddam, this guy is really good! This style looks familiar. I should probably know him, shouldn't I? Then I finally realized why. So hello, Mr. E.C.! Don't know if you want full names on your blog so I will just go with initials. Your stuff is inspiring and it just keeps getting better. I just started one too but I almost never find the time to post new work of my own. It's nice to see someone who is so dedicated to doing at least a little something for themselves.

ed said...

man, it was worth the upload. @_@

ANX said...

Man, E thanks much for the comments on my blog. I saw an e-mail notifier this morning and what's funny is I was at No Pink Ponies today reading the strip and Eisu posted up a link to your blog and I was thinking 'Wait, EC has a blog? And I didn't know?' and what do I find, but hey same guy who posted that awesome comment.

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for having a blog of your own. It's amazing stuff man.

Jon Tsuei said...

thanks for sharing some of the behind the scenes stuff with us Eric. Great stuff, I think i'll go watch that episode again later today to compare the boards to the animated piece. Wow, my geek factor just went up three fold.

Michael said...

How long did this sequence take when it was on the air? Is there a rule of thumb as to how many boards per minute?

For a big fight scene like last week's "Far From Home" where Supergirl is beating the bejesus out of all the mind-controlled Legionnaires, it'd seem like it would have taken a Tom Clancy novel's worth of storyboard pages.

Speaking of which, do you have copies of the boards for that episode?


Mr. Chuck Drost! It's good to hear from you, man. It's okay to use my name. No big deal. Thank you very much for th kind words. I had actually passed through your site through the comments you left at Brandon Vietti's blog a little while back, but didn't have the common sense to leave you a comment. The painting for that winery is very well executed and I'm jealous of anyone who can still rock the natural medium - it's awe inspiring.

Ed - I might be puching my luck with these things by uploading them. I don' tknow - I guess we're just going to have to wait and see if anyone from corporate tells me to take them down or not. But I am happy that you like them.

Matthew - comments well deserved, man. I don't know the info about my blog is getting around but I'm not complaining. It's nice to know that people still remember me and know my work from however while back. Thanks for the compliments regarding my work.

Whoops! Work beckons. I'll return later.


Gee, typos suck. And so does that previous post.

To continue -

Jon - These boards are the unedited versions of the show. D. Rida and B. Timm had yet to make changes so they won' t match up exactly if you compare them to the aired episode. I remember the big robot guy pummeling Batman into the side of the car was taken out - I think he just sidesteps the punch. That's there is some more geek trivia for you.

Michael - I've no clue as to how long the sequence ended up being. Two seconds? I know it feels like forever when I'm cleaning it up. I'm not aware of any limitations they've put on scene count, so unless they tell me otherwise it'll be a typical Act 3 board - 200, 3 panel pages.

That section from 'Far From Home' was one Act 3 that I'm glad (and sad) that I didn't get to do - instead that was executed by Dave Bullock. I think I had done three episodes where the bigger fight scenes were given to me and in Dan Riba's good graces I got a pass on that episode. But Dave hooked it up and I *know* I couldn't have done any better than what he did.

I've copies of that board, but they ain't goin' up. Like I says to Ed - I says, "Ed...I might be pushing my luck with these by uploading them." Also, scanning is a pain and my least favorite thing about posting work. Imagine 10 pages worth of it in a row? Nuts to that.

Thanks for dropping by guys! See yah.

warren said...

HEy, Thanks for taking the time putting these up! Wow these are great! You've got amazing staging sensibility. I haven't been watching the show (too busy making TV to watch any) but I'll be tuning in regularly now!

You guys on this show and "The Batman" are using all the right stuff from anime action sequences, for sure. I saw that in the first season of both series.

Thanks for sharing - we'll keep it on the down low.

Julia said...

dear mr eric sir. pretty much what everyone else said yea. this stuff is straight fire man.

LeSean Thomas said...

Wow man. you inspire me to no end. thanks for tyhe sketchbook. i was thumbing through it all weekend.

i wanna be like you when i grow up!

keep inspiring!


Chris Sims said...

Execellent boards, homie! I've been lurking around these parts and I have to say you have become a new inspiration for me. Keep us all posted on the new sketchbook!

les story-boards de thierry Martin said...

fantastic story board, great work